A conversation with Udmurt language digital activist Artyom Malykh

Artyom Malykh

Udmurt is a Uralic language spoken in Russia’s autonomous Republic of Udmurtia, where it shares official status with Russian. Speakers can also be found across a large area between the Volga River and Ural Mountains, such as in the Perm and Kirov Regions and neighbouring autonomous republics of Tatarstan, Bashkortostan, and Mari El. It is one of several related Uralic languages spoken in this diverse area of Russia, such as Mari, Erzya, Moksha, and Komi.

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Creating Russian-Erzya dictionary

In April 2020 Inyazor’s Secretariate launched renewed version of www.inyazoro.info to highlight activity of Erzya national movement in two languages, Erzya and English. Since first 2 weeks of online we got many warm greeting letters from Erzya. Their authors not just expressed support of Inyazor, but also complained about absence of good web-resources to help with study of Erzya language and vocabulary improvement.

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