Moscow has learned from history

Moscow has learned from history

All the previous events that led to the collapse of the two Kremlin regimes began in their capitals – Moscow and St Petersburg. The Kremlin learned its history lessons and is determined to prevent a similar fate.

That’s why both Moscow and St Petersburg seem insulated from any crises or the war. For the war they scoop up the population from the colonies and bring in mercenaries from different countries, sparing by all means the capital or the ex-capital. They took away most of the air defenіe and other things. They don’t have any shortage of fuel, nor large-scale natural disasters – because they are zealously protected on our account. No one is going to save the Volga region from the flood or anything, but that would never be allowed to happen in Moscow.

In these cities there are no obvious protest sentiments, and there never will be. Quite the opposite, the Russian “liberal opposition” is ready to fight against the national movements to maintain the empire’s integrity. Under the given circumstances, the empire must be destroyed from the republics. Not from its capital. And the longer the war lasts, the more the population is washed out in the republics. Our region alone has suffered 10,000 killed in action, and it’s not even 1% of the 12-14 million of the Volga region population. Yet, this number doesn’t account for the disabled or those missing in action. Including these, the total losses (sanitary and irreversible) are many times higher.

Russia won’t collapse on its own. It should be destroyed; we shouldn’t just wait for a miracle. The longer we wait, the fewer of us remain, and the percentage of Russians will be even larger than now. And then there will be no independence. Ever. Indigenous people may not survive the Kremlin’s next imperial war.

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