For some reason, the ruscist did not say that “it would not be possible to intimidate the descendants of Kazan invaders”

He said about the capture of Paris, he said about the capture of Berlin, but he did not say about the capture of Kazan… Did he forget, or something? Or is this a not-so-convenient truth?

The Muscovites are so shocked by such opportunities of the enemy, that they even began to blame Kazakhstan – they say, Ukraine could not do it and the drones were launched from the territory of Kazakhstan). Sure, the imperials would have reached Kyiv in 3 days if the vile Kazakhs had not stabbed in the back)).

The general director of the Alabuga Special Economic Zone HIMSELF a year ago  highlighted the enterprise in a local media story. Today, the imperials claim that the drones hit a “student dormitory.” Forgetting to add that they accommodated students there to involve them in assembling drones.

Some of the students are still minors. That is, Moscow is using the children of Tatarstan at the military facility. After all, they should not send their Moscow children there, as this is a military target and it will definitely be hit. Well, Tatar children can be sent there. 

Has there ever been a time in history when Muscovy did not cover its troops with other people’s children? 

The Supreme Nazi himself officially said in 2014 that the troops of the Kremlin underempire were hiding behind women and children.


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