Problems of public transport: Moscow threw out its garbage to us, what a blessing

While Moscow residents laughed at the Kyiv metro, where snow fell in the carriage, they did not care about the fact that such a tram was running in Kazan.

By the way, it is customary for us to “wear” trams, trolleybuses, electric train carriages and metro carriages after Moscow, rather than buy new ones. Everything   new and intact is always for Moscow residents, and let the colonies be content with scraps from the master’s table and cast-offs.

In Kyiv, metro carriages are stopped during the air alarm if they are running in the open. While it was standing, it was covered with snow, and snow was carried into the salon through the ventilation. The cause is not a breakdown, but the Russian fascist army.

Whereas in Kazan everything is much simpler: there is no money for timely repairs or for new trams. Moscow is devouring everything.

P.S. Last year we wrote how Khabirov rejoiced at the old blue trams that Moscow transferred to Ufa. This event was presented as an achievement: Moscow threw out its garbage to us, what a blessing.

In many countries of the world, it is customary to “wear” transport after large cities. There is nothing wrong with this if you simply have no other choice, since there is no money in the budget. But when there is money, and you simply have to give it to Moscow, receiving second-hand junk in exchange, this is already cringe.


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