Moscow considered that the post of head of Chuvashia was too loud

Moscow considered that the post of head of Chuvashia was too loud

It was proposed to rename the position of head to elteper – the title of vassal through the mouth of Nikolai Fedorov, the Kremlin puppet. Allegedly, it is an accurate reflection of the position of the Chuvash as vassals of Moscow that will help return to the “centuries-old traditions” of the Chuvash people.

Let us remind you that at first the Muscovites took the president from Chuvashia, and now they are officially making him a vassal. The situation is similar with the Tatarstan collective farm rais. A little later, the status of republics will be taken away, and then the status of nations. Similar decisions will be made in relation to all the republics.

And we will become vassals without land, without languages, without roots, but always obliged to die for Moscow and feed it.

Moscow believes that such decisions will help it control us better. But in fact, it only fuels the degree of so-called Russophobia, which it is so afraid of. If our nations still allow such experiments to be carried out on themselves, it means that our Russophobia is not yet sufficient. However, Moscow is trying to increase it at an accelerated pace, and in the end this will encourage more and more Chuvash to strive for independence. Even those who are now seeking compromises with the empire or serving it.


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