To follow the path of North Korea?

 To follow the path of North Korea?

I am reading an interview with the leaders of “Russian dissenters”, maybe, this word will now most succinctly define the category of people previously called “Russian opposition”, “democratic opposition”, “anti-war activists”, “environmental activists”… “Do they still exist?”, I ask myself. Sane Russians of different ethnic origins and political orientations assess the results of 2023 with sadness and disappointment. Actually, those who give interviews and speak out loud about the political picture being already beyond the borders of the Russian Federation, within the country such conversations on such topics are already, in principle, impossible. The silent Russian majority, if they evaluate at least something critically, then, according to “common reasoning,” preferring even in communication with the closest interlocutors (sometimes even in disputes with relatives), to accept figures of silence, and to give out loud only absolute euphemisms. To assess and explain the social and political situation, they (and we too) have to resort to the formula that has long been stamped into the subconscious of Russians: “a step to the right, a step to the left is considered an escape, a jump on the spot is a provocation.”

The relevance of this maxim was clearly shown to us all (and continues to be shown) by the example of the bold Bashkort actions in Baymak and Ufa. At the moment, there is a complete purge of all participants in the events. We can even say not “participants”, but “those present”, that, you see, is not the same thing at all! Thus, they try to bend into an arc not even those who are walking under escort, but those who are trying to dare to take a provocative jump somewhere off the road. More precisely from the “stage”! But the “staffing list” (or “revision tale”) for all those noticed has already been prepared, approved and lowered from the Moscow FSB-police heights to all “interested” native paradise-city departments of the special services of the Republic of Belarus. Everything is indicated: for whom, for what, for how much! Although we cannot rule out manifestations of zeal on the part of local leaders following the good Stalinist model. Like, we ask you to increase the limits on repression… What, do you think this is impossible? Oh?!

As expected, the Bashkorts turned out to be the most courageous and “groovy” in Russia today – they came out and spoke out! NOT Caucasians, not Tatars, not Muscovites and St. Petersburg – the Bashkorts came out. You can criticize them, make claims and poke your nose at their mistakes, but… But there are no better ones in Russia now! The rest are rolled into asphalt everywhere! Imprisoned, expelled…

What’s next? What to do? Are you aiming to strengthen the Russian-Iran-DPRK military alliance? Wait for the victorious march of the Russian army through defeated Ukraine? If the first is scary, then the second is simply not a fact, because Ukrainians do not sign up for this. And then – an alarming and exciting question: “what will happen after this?” What are the options for the prosperity of the Russian state after a hypothetical military victory? Will sanctions be lifted and the wasted 3 trillion rubles of the National Welfare Fund returned (out of 9 trillion available at the beginning of 2022)? Will “the freedom of everyone as a condition for the free development of all” return to the country?

In general, can anyone say something about the plans of the Russian Federation for the near future? What will happen to the country after March 2024? No official statements or forecasts will convince me of anything – I’ll make a reservation right away! Our powerful “collective Putin” has currently said so many absurd and contradictory things that only a mentally ill or “challenging” Russian can believe him. Although it should be noted that before any specific forecasts, our leader did not risk approaching even a cannon shot. And in general, no Russian political experts can say anything about the future, even in the most general terms. Just try to start it yourself – and it turns out something like fortune-telling on coffee grounds after re-reading Orwell.

What does the average Russian, who is averagely removed from politics, see in front of him? On the one hand, there are the fruits of transferring the country onto the rails of a war economy, which produces noticeable, but not particularly pleasant for the average person, fruits. And on the other hand… On the other hand, he can see – and perhaps already feel – how a limb begins to ache and ache, caught in the trap of war! Or do you think that our country has not fallen into a trap? Or that you can painlessly escape from it right now? And go back to pre-war life and turn the economy around to face the whole world? Do you really think so? Then I envy you.

Are there any ways for Russians who do not want to take risks, but who have not lost the remnants of a rational view of the surrounding reality? Of course have! Take a closer look. How else can we explain the statistics with acts of direct counteraction and sabotage throughout Russia – from the Far East to the Middle West? If fires flare up, it means someone needs it! If something Ukrainian ends up where it causes the greatest destructive effect, then perhaps someone has illuminated the right target a little? How do you think?

It seems to me that the fear and pain from a police baton is not forever. That some of those beaten, arrested, detained, are simply eyewitnesses to the police ysky arbitrariness, will draw their own conclusions that do not coincide with the official line of Khabirov’s henchmen, and the entire police pack throughout Russia.

Here I can only say that on the pages of “Free Idel-Ural” such people will be able to find some good, proven advice on how to proceed.

In addition, the hopes of some “dissenters” today are directed at the guys from the Siberian battalion, the “Freedom of Russia” legion and the “Russian Volunteer Corps”. Their number is growing, and the geography of the events held tends to expand. They may not have complete ideological unity now, but they have confidence in the effectiveness of their choice. They refuse to sit back and just wait – either for the physical death of the leader, or for the surrender of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. They see that the pressure of the Russian political press on the population, especially in national republics, can not only break and destroy national identity, but also stimulate protest and push them to search for possible ways to fight for their rights. These guys are ready for such a fight.

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