Divide et impera

Divide et impera

Yesterday, after the missile hit the market in Donetsk, 28 people died, and today Lavrov spoke at the UN about this – this is how Russia prepares for speeches in international organizations.

And it is like that every time. Before each meeting at the UN, Russia kills several dozen civilians in the territory it controls, so that it has something to present as “just look, it is our villain enemy.”

This is not the first such war – Russia wages all its wars in the “divide and rule” style, trying in every possible way to incite one side against the other. It was exactly the same with the wars against the Kazan Khanate and others. Yet we know stories that part of Idel-Ural nations fought on the side of Moscow and against Kazan – even the Tatars. Why did this happen? Firstly, Moscow has always greatly exaggerated the number of such warriors on its side, and secondly, even those who were there, were there precisely after the policy of division and inciting. It is very convenient, because they could save their soldiers at the expense of duped representatives of the opposing nation that they used as cannon fodder.

Thirdly, if you commit such cynical and monstrous crimes that they are difficult to believe, it means that your opponent is perceived as a liar, and how can a liar be trusted?

Now Moscow says that some of the inhabitants of the Kazan Khanate brought our lands to them themselves, since the Kazan Khanate was their enemy. But against the background of the history of the Moscow state, its tactics and strategy, it becomes obvious that the conquest of the Volga and Ural regions was carried out in approximately the same style as the current attempt to conquer Ukraine. To split everyone with each other inside, hide behind the civilian population, kill civilians under the guise of their enemy in order to arouse hatred towards the mother state and consider the Russian “stepmother” as your patron, etc.

The empire needs an eternal conveyor of war, which works on its own, because the victims themselves spin it.

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