Boris Nadezhdin is ready for the State Council of Tatarstan

Boris Nadezhdin is ready for the State Council of Tatarstan

He said that he would run for such a SERIOUS region as Tatarstan – if he was excluded from the presidential campaign.

Of course, SERIOUS – the richer the feeding trough for Moscow is, the more seriously they regard it, so as not to lose it.

Nadezhdin’s great-great-grandfather Abram Belenky refused the St. George Cross because he was a Jew, and the holders of this cross made massacres of Jews, venting their anger for the defeat in the war on at least someone “non-Russian” – after all, the Russians could not be to blame under any circumstances. When the Bolsheviks also came to Ukraine, Nadezhdin’s grandfather Vladimir Belenky fled from these ghouls to Uzbekistan – then the red plague had not yet carried out such large-scale repressions there as in Ukraine or Kazakhstan.

Boris Nadezhdin decided to ignore the dislike towards Russia on the part of his maternal ancestors and choose the side of his paternal ancestors – priests glorifying kings and lovers of great state affairs, who, however, were not lucky enough to get into the imperial State Duma – local possessions were not enough to be accepted into the club of the court servants with access to the state feeding trough.

Boris dreams of following the path of his ancestors to the end, finally taking his place at the Kremlin trough. Of course, the bigger the trough is, the more one can sip from it, so he is not at all interested in any decolonization or the rights of the indigenous peoples. In this regard, the hopes of some representatives of the indigenous peoples for Nadezhdin look extremely wild and cringy – supposedly he will change everything (here hello to “Angry Chuvashia”, Tatar “Kozgyn” and “Udmurtia without corruption”).

Nadezhdin is a great-state chauvinist. It is not that he does not care about the ideas of decolonization – he actually wants to continue playing at the expanding empire. That is why Tatarstan is a more serious region for him than others. After all, Moscow is drawing more money from it. Nadezhdin himself has no relation to Tatarstan at all, and, of course, he will not study the Tatar language. Moreover, only under conditions of occupation is it possible that a person, in principle, has no relation to the republic and has never even lived there, but at the same time he wants to get power there.

He stated that he would “suspend” the imperial war against Ukraine and hold a “referendum” on the conquered territories. Just think about these words. He does not even hide his interest in leaving the occupied territories for Russia, so what kind of decolonization is possible under such a ruler? This character is a deception for believers in the new federal treaty with Moscow. Whatever he may seem and whatever he promises, he is clearly beneficial for the empire, and not for the indigenous peoples. Russia is not the state where a person outside the system can try to run for power. Maybe he is Putin’s man in the role of controlled opposition, maybe not. This is not important in the country where there are no elections at all. The important thing is that Nadezhdin is a supporter of the great power and therefore our enemy, like the entire Russian statehood.

P.S. By the way, a big hello to those who will decide to vote: Putin already has no right to participate in the elections, but he pretends to have elections and pretends that he is participating, and participation in this supposed “voting” is a legitimization of the current Putin’s regime. Nadezhdin knows this very well and swallows it with pleasure. Because he would do this also himself. Does a mankurt who decided to become Russian have any principles, even though his grandfather and great-grandfather suffered from Russian chauvinism?


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