They feel sorry for one cat and do not care about millions of cats, because they are “not in Russia”?

They feel sorry for one cat and do not care about millions of cats, because they are “not in Russia”?

The tragic death of the cat Twix from Bashkortostan led to a revision of the rules for passenger transportation on the railway. The train attendant threw the cat out after the operation, right into 30-degree frost, when he got out of his carrier.

The degree of dehumanization of the population under the influence of military propaganda is monstrous, and the further it goes, the more cruel the behavior can be observed. While this cruelty is not justified at all. While one part of the population of the Russian Federation demands that the train attendant be punished for cruelty towards animals, the other part (usually lovers of animal flaying) proves that she did everything right and absolutely does not care what happens to the animal.

There is a huge debate about this on the Internet. But when Russian missiles, mines and artillery kill tens or even hundreds of thousands of cats, dogs, birds, livestock, wild animals in the war in Ukraine, Syria, Georgia, Ichkeria, Moldova, Africa, etc.  – all this talk about protecting animal rights somehow does not arise at all in RuNet. It is as if these animals do not exist. When the imperial soldiers,  sophisticatedly torture and brutally kill hundreds of mice and rats in the trenches,for entertainment, due to their sadistic inclinations, animal protection organizations of the Russian Federation are silent, like the population as a whole.

When Russian troops blew up the dam of the Kakhovka hydroelectric power station and drowned millions of living beings, and also deprived billions of fish, crayfish, etc. of water, and doomed the surviving animals to life in the semi-desert, animal rights activists of the Russian Federation and the population simply remained silent. When Russian soldiers shoot Red Book animals in the captured nature reserves for barbecue, the population remains silent. When the protected steppe is set on fire, the population remains silent. When they go looting through the occupied cities and shoot dogs in houses so that they do not interfere with the looting, the population remains silent. When they break the paws and backbones of animals so that they cannot move, and then place explosives under them so that those who come to the aid of the animal are blown up, the population remains silent.

The Russian army can kill anyone and in any way they want, including all animals and people outside Russia – no significant resonance will even happen. How does this work in general? Not to mention the fact that there is no indignation about the barrage detachments in the troops either: if you are tired of killing animals, and killing enemy soldiers is fraught with return fire – kill your own people, like Alexei Milchakov, Hero of Russia.


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