Russia is criticized for Russification of educational systems in Tatarstan and other national republics

Федералистский союз европейских национальных меньшинств (FUEN)

Federalist union of European national minorities (FUEN) appealed to Minister of education of Russian Federation with a request to revise minister’s position on optional study of national languages. Doing so, FUEN reacted on earlier appeal of Free Idel-Ural movement (17.10.2018) about violation of right of native peoples in Idel-Ural to get education in their mother tongues.

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Free Idel-Ural picketed UN headquarters

18th session of Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues is taking place in New York UN headquarters (April 22th – May 3rd, 2019). 

Selection system for participants of the event is designed so that all delegates are approved by governments of states, which they represent on Forum. Delegates from Russian Federation are “proper activists”, carefully selected in Kremlin to praise Russian authorities at UN international event. 

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