Today it is 66 years after “Tatar Chernobyl” – one of the largest nuclear accidents in the world

First, the Mayak plant abused the storage of nuclear waste without the necessary anti-radiation measures, and then an explosion occurred at the plant. The radioactive cloud covered the Chelyabinsk, Sverdlovsk and Tyumen regions. Hundreds of thousands of people were affected by radiation, many species of unique flora and fauna were in the contaminated zone and disappeared.

Several thousand people were resettled from the disaster zone, but the authorities in the Kremlin are still trying not to recognize the fact of the accident with the subsequent radiation contamination of the area, so as not to pay compensation to the victims and not to invest money in cleaning the area from radiation. Where have you ever seen a metropolis develop a colony? It will not be like that. We have already shown where the remaining local Tatars survive.

How interesting it is to listen to the reasoning that in previous times everything was natural, not like the chemistry that is all around today. During the Soviet Union, everything was native, albeit unsightly, and now everything is made of Chinese and American poisoned plastic. All of Europe and America today are poisoning us with their waste, our pure mother Russia.


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