In Tatarstan they are thinking about having drones designed in every school

In Tatarstan they are thinking about having drones designed in every school

The decision on the mass opening of aircraft modeling clubs has not yet been made, but is under consideration.

In the early USSR, too, aircraft model makers first appeared in most schools, then parachutist clubs, amateur radio operator clubs, then pilots – all this became not just widespread, but voluntary-compulsory.

Thus, the USSR trained approximately 3 million parachutists to drop them behind enemy lines in order to conquer the world.

For the first time, the Bolsheviks used parachute landings en masse on April 23, 1929 near Garm city against the rebels of Tajikistan and their Afghan allies. They used them successfully because the rebels had a limited quantity of weapons and people.

But almost immediately after the start of the use of massive parachute landings in Nazi rear areas, the vast majority of these parachutists died: some were shot down in the air, some were shot on the ground, some drowned in the rivers. Others were shot down right on the planes while approaching the drop site.

All of them found themselves not only behind enemy lines, but also scattered over a large area, and they did not immediately manage to come together. Often they were killed not even by the Nazis, but by local partisans who did not want to see either the Reich or the USSR. The partisans were especially interested in the boxes with weapons that the Soviets dropped after the parachutists. Sometimes parachutists bargained their lives from the partisans in exchange for half the contents of the boxes.

Thus, the USSR lost more than 1 million of these same parachutists, but it did not achieve a significant effect with their help.

If you read the memoirs of Soviet soldiers and officers, as well as simply famous people like Tereshkova, you might have noticed how often and how massively they mention the participation of children in innocent clubs, that were not needed at all for science and progress, but for war. Now history is repeating itself.


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