Children in Tatarstan were again forced to sing, “I am Russian”

In Verkhneuslonskiy district of Tatarstan, at the Day of Culture, children sang the Shaman’s song “I am Russian.” This composition has become a kind of anthem of the war that Russia unleashed in Ukraine, and the confrontation of the country to the Western powers, Ideal.Realities informs.

Six months ago, in Kazan Lyceum No. 186, children were already forced to sing the song “I am Russian,” while they were urged to raise their hands “to the sky,” “to NATO.”

The Tatar Youth Forum then expressed “the extreme concern” about this, and the incident was actively discussed on social networks.

Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, ideological pressure on Russian schoolchildren has been constantly increasing.

Let us add on our own behalf: warn your children not to participate in imperial covens.

Do not expect them to guess about this on their own. Even if they understand, the authority of adults can still prevail, and they will participate. They need support so that they know that if they refuse, no one will do anything to them for this and no one will blame them.


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