Will reason win?

Vladimir Milov’s answer to Ruslan Gabbasov’s question about compensation to the nations of Russia for centuries-old genocide committed by the imperial authorities and why Moscow liberals are so afraid of debates with the representatives of the national liberation and regionalist movements.
On November 13, a meeting between Milov and the representatives of the Russian opposition took place in Vilnius (Lithuania). Vladimir Milov presented a project for the future Russia, which he wrote together with Fyodor Krashennikov entitled Normal Russia of the Future: Yes, We Can.

Well, we go again and again! Again, attempts by the Russian opposition (“good Russians”) to explore the theoretical possibility of reforming “imperial Russia” into “liberal-democratic Russia.” Probably, many of them understand (they are not complete fools after all) that attempts are futile, have already been repeatedly rejected by practice, contradict logic, but… but still they cannot give up the love for the “greatness” of their homeland. Even if this greatness differs from Putin’s-Patrushev’s or Mashkov’s-Mikhalkov’s.

Lermontov’s lines, “I love my fatherland, but with a strange love…” could be the anthem of a Russian liberal. “And glory bought with blood and peace full of proud trust, and cherished legends of dark antiquity” – everything is the same as two hundred years ago. The whole set of Russian false propaganda.

Just try to take out the “Great Patriotic War” from the current ideological model, which is shoved into your eyes, mouth and nose at every step, whether it is necessary or not! Take a closer look at the complete nonsense of the “Russian people – bearers of traditional values, united around their government, headed by V.V. Putin, against the corrupting influence of the collective West.” Or try to build such a model without the false communitarian prayer about the trinity of the fraternal Slavic peoples! You will not succeed. The entire bulk of today’s Russian imperialism is based on bloody glory, blind faith in the “leadership” and the Orthodox messianism of the “great nation”!

The quoted verses, unfortunately, will lead us at this historical moment and in the specific political situation to suboptimal decision-making. But now decisions should  be made putting aside “emotions”, and based solely on “rationality” – so as not to mess things up and not miss the chance. Sometimes love should be pushed aside so that it does not harm sanity. Well, as sometimes an overly loving mother, protecting her son from all worldly troubles, is pushed aside and  her 20-year-old “child” is assigned to life-saving hard and honest work, which can make him a real man. The same should be done with the elaboration of a new development model for the imperial country – one should accept reality and take a difficult but correct step with a black face and a petrified heart. After all, the alternative to this is the Stalinist-North Korean phenomenon in a patriarchal thin gold like wrapper. It may look attractive, but inside it is the most natural sh…t!

The part of the Russian liberal community that has not yet been completely broken by the special services and is not controlled by them probably understands everything as well as you and I, but cannot give up claims to build the new Russia according to the modified project of the old fatherland – just without Putin, Mikhalkov and Mashkov.

Imperial liberal or liberal imperial – such an alternative invariably faces the Russian oppositionist. And in his choice he constantly comes to the previous result. I will be very surprised шf he manages to escape from the damned fork. After all, it would have been possible long ago to understand: from spare parts stolen from a military factory, one can make a machine gun, but not a samovar (tea-urn).

“Remaking” the empire will not give any result; it should be completely destroyed.

In such cases, when you hesitate and are not sure about the accuracy of your choice – either for yourself personally, or for your entire beloved country – it is useful to use a simple psychological technique – ask yourself, “In what country would I like my children and grandchildren to live, imagine an ideal Russia? What should it look like politically, economically, etc.” And then just for yourself, without making it public, compare the model you officially propose with the one you just imagined.

The imaginary model is worth accepting, no matter how difficult such a step may be. So let’s win!

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