Why us?

Why us?

I was touched by a resident of Tyotkino village, who emotionally, with emotional pain, demonstrates and comments on the destruction and losses he suffered as a result of the liberation, as he says, by the “Khokhols” of this village on the territory of the Belgorod People’s Republic.

Now imagine how many such sad videos can be shown by a resident of the south-east of Ukraine who was under occupation, or of a city in the north-east of the country that survived the invasion of the Russian army. In addition, he can also show the corpses of Ukrainians who died under the rubble, were shot or tortured by Russian soldiers and Federal Security Service agents… What would this affected resident of Belgorod say? Who is guilty? He would probably start saying that “the ungrateful Khokhols did not understand that the Russian army had come to liberate them from the Nazis.” And why do Ukrainians need such liberation when they are killed, tortured and left homeless? Or this unlucky owner of a burnt-out tractor and a bathhouse would, following a habit developed by sitting in front of the TV, convince the “Khokhols” that they, in collusion with NATO, wanted to attack him, and therefore there is no other way to deal with them, and he is a Russian, he is not at all like them, they cannot do that to him, they do not have the right to do that to him! There is another saving option for complacency… or better said, for the “self-satisfaction” of a Belgorod resident deprived by the “Khokhols”: you just need to tell that everything that the whole world knows about the cruelty of the Russian government, the Russian army, and the entire Russian people is fake. There were no ballistic missile strikes on Ukrainian sleeping cities, there were no executions of unarmed Ukrainian civilians, there were no people tortured by the special services, whose bodies were found a few days after their arrest in plantings, ravines and rivers (well, they overdid it during the interrogation, big deal) … There was no Bucha, Mariupol, Izyum, Avdeevka, and other towns wiped off the face of the earth…

But will this affected resident of Tyotkino understand if one tries to convince him? Most likely, he will react as in the joke, “Why me?” This worldview is embedded in us “Russians” on a subconscious level. That something is allowed for us, but not for the rest of people, the rest must submit to us and spread out like grass, or they will be “spanked in a fatherly way” by the good-natured and peaceful Russians. The Russians have already spanked their “foreigners” enough; they already agree with them to “torture” others into submission.

Well, fellow countrymen, if you really think so, then all that remains is to try to get into your head the understanding that you will still have to pay for your serene stupidity! And not only with the lives of your guys, whom, it is already clear to everyone, you do not feel pity for, but also with lost property, like this poor fellow from Tyotkino: a cottage, a bathhouse, a car, a tractor…

This means there will be new hits, explosions, fires. Ukrainians are not going to curtail their production of drones; on the contrary, they plan to increase and improve the model range. So that it can fly not only to St. Petersburg and Moscow, but also further to the east, to production facilities, to military facilities, and then wherever God sends. Although they do not plan to hit civil targets, the “Khokhols” still do not ignore the Geneva Agreement, and their Western partners strictly monitor this.

Our jingoistic patriots should pray that the Armed Forces of Ukraine do not, like our “eagles,” take hostage the civilian population of the Belgorod (Voronezh/Kursk) People’s Republic, calling them “accomplices of the regime,” “spies,” “spotters,” or, at least, “Nazis” and using them as a “bank of prisoners” in exchange for their soldiers. Well, that is not a bad option, our Russian strategists have already calculated this a long time ago and are using it to their advantage!

In place of the Ukrainian leadership, I would suggest the Russians from the Russian Volunteer Corps, the Freedom of Russia Legion  and the Siberian Battalion to introduce a method of struggle such as looting, tested by the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and well-proven on the territory of Ukraine. After all, armed Russian oppositionists fighting for the free Russia, sending captured Russian military personnel to the rear, could also arrange for the transfer of trophies. Well, why, for example, leave in Tyotkino, Gorky and other liberated settlements equipment for hospitals, modern trucks and other vehicles, for example, ambulances and fire engines, office and production equipment, and who knows what else! What, all this will be unnecessary for the “Khokhols”? No, it will not! Are in the Belgorod People’s Republic (Voronezh People’s Republic / Kursk People’s Republic) there few other people’s things that are useful in life and work? Also no! Is it allowed for Russians, but not allowed for Ukrainians? Well, no either!

So do not cry, dear residents of the liberated areas of the  Belgorod People’s Republic (Voronezh People’s Republic / Kursk People’s Republic)! This war game can be played by two parties! You chose it yourselves! So do not complain, otherwise you will be misunderstood and laughed at.

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