Unequal exchange

Unequal exchange

“I am tormented by vague doubts” about the direct progression between the level of passionary intensity of the Bashkorts in gaining independence and the record level of losses among the military from Bashkortostan. In my opinion, the Bashkorts are deliberately killed in the war, solving two of their issues at once: 1) military, where the Bashkorts are cannon fodder, a profitable consumable for deadly attacks; 2) gendarmerie, where guys from Ufa, Ishimbay, Kumertau, Baymak and other cities and regions are a potentially dangerous contingent, hidden nationalist rebels who are easier and safer to deal with at the front without attracting much attention.

“The military registration and enlistment office of the republic plans to send more than 5,500 recruits from Bashkortostan for the spring conscription,” Colonel Mikhail Blazhevich, the military commissar of the region, said, as Bashinform informs.

The promise that conscripts will not serve in the zone of the special military operation is hard to believe. It has already happened… They have already promised that “first the young men will have special training”, that “the events of the upcoming conscription are in no way connected to the special military operation in Ukraine”, that “at the end of their service the military personnel will be discharged and sent to their places of residence in a timely manner.”

According to the military commissar, the conscripts are planned to be sent from the assembly point to the troops at the end of April this year.

Meanwhile, coffins containing the dead are returning to their places of residence. And even though they are mostly contract soldiers, we all know how conscripts can turn into contract soldiers with a “light movement of the hand.” They will be put in a hole and kept there for two weeks in the cold and on starvation rations. And they will have to agree in the end.

Meanwhile, the mournful cargo continues to arrive to Bashkort villages in an almost constant stream: Arthur Abzaletdinov to Nizhegorodka village, Ufa region; Avkhadiy Tulibaev to Uzungulovo village, Uchalinsky district; Timur Gaibadullin to Uchaly village; Rafis Nuriakhmetov to Starosepyashevo village, Alsheevsky district; they said goodbye to Sergei Chechushkov in the Duvansky district, and to Ildus Gainetdinov – in Bolshie Shady village, Mishkinsky district; senior sergeant Eduard Nabikaev returned dead  to his family to Sterlitamak, and in Tselinny village, Abzelilovsky district, they said goodbye to Aidar Bayramgulov, contract service sergeant, who died on March 27 in a military hospital due to a serious wound; the bodies of Aigiz Gumerov and Viktor Alchinov, who were originally from Kurcheevo village, Bakalinsky district, were brought to the same Abzelilovsky district.

This is not all the “zinc boys” delivered to their homeland in April 2024… The Bashkort media are trying to camouflage reports of losses, funeral rituals, farewells to the  citizens of Bashkortostan “fought enough”, who were attracted by the high salary and benefits of a military contractor. Information of this kind is necessarily interspersed with messages about the fact that life in the republic does not stop, that the leadership is working tirelessly, working and rest conditions for all citizens are improving, and if shortcomings are noticed somewhere, they are being eliminated efficiently and promptly. Readers and viewers understand that this is written as a distraction and has little in common with the truth – the accident in the Amur region alone with Bashkort miners really demonstrates the government’s concern! Well, well! A disaster at work, a terrible emergency happen, but everything possible was done… The Bashkorts continue to silently agree or pretend to agree with such coverage of events, while thinking, “Why do not such accidents happen in Norway?” They understand: if one starts to resent out loud, it will turn out as it was in Baymak: one goes to a rally to defend his native land, and he will immediately be hit in the head with a police baton and thrown into a paddy wagon. And concerning those who were not thrown into a paddy wagon immediately, people will come to them at night and “will make them an offer that it will be impossible to refuse”… and they will have to wander into the “black crow” (a special car), bowing their head and turning to Allah in their last hope with a prayer for help.

But Bashkortostan is not immersed in sleep, it is silent not because it is broken or scared to death. They are not the kind of people you think they are! The Bashkorts remember everything, understand everything and are submissive only in appearance. But there are also Fail Alsynov and the guys detained in the “Baymak case”, Ramilya Saitova, Ruslan Gabbasov, other dissenting patriots, there are Bashkort brave men in the Siberian battalion of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and many other citizens of the republic: – these courageous fighters will not allow the Muscovite colonialists to reign supreme in their native Bashkortostan and they will not allow the “Bashkort swamp” to become the predominant force in the Republic.  It can not be in another way! Otherwise, the Kremlin authorities will easily destroy the entire nation of Bashkortostan in the foreign war that the Bashkorts do not need, and the wealth of the nation will be given to strangers for exploitation, where the submissive rest of the brave Bashkort nation will extract fossil raw materials to export abroad. You give us raw materials and living soldiers, and we give you coffins with their remains.

It is clear that the Bashkorts will not agree to this!

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