The Anti-Imperial Bloc of Nations turned 80 years old

The Anti-Imperial Bloc of Nations turned 80 years old

The formation of the ANB (then Anti-Bolshevik) started at the Conference of the Enslaved Peoples of Eastern Europe and Asia, which took place in Buderazh village, Rivne region of Ukraine from November 21 to 23, 1943, on the initiative of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists and under the protection of its military wing – the departments of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA).

The conference brought together 39 members of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA) – representatives of 13 peoples enslaved by the Soviet sub-empire: 6 Georgians led by “Karl”, 6 Azerbaijanis (“Fizul”, head of the delegation), 5 Uzbeks (“Shimrat”), 4 Armenians (“Antrant”), 4 Tatars (“Tukay”), 2 Belarusians (“Friendly”), 2 Ossetians (“Aram”), Kazakh (“Dezhkman”), Circassian (“Dzhigit”), Kabardian (“Baksan”), Chuvash (“Skvortsov” ), Bashkort (“Kagarman”) and 5 Ukrainians – representatives of the leadership of the UPA – OUN (Ukrainian Insurgent Army – Organization of Ukrainian nationalists), Roman Shukhevych, the UPA commander-in-chief, unofficially arrived also there.

The conference participants developed a program for the joint struggle against the Russian prison of nations: the single tactic, the single strategy and the single line that everyone had to adhere to. The Committee of Enslaved Nations was also created, which was entrusted with the functions of forming national armies and organizing all national-political forces in places of their compact residence in the single structure.

80 years of struggle, losses, experience, practice. Empires are tenacious – some of them can last up to a thousand years, but the peoples exploited by them disappear faster, so we must not give in to them in anything if we want to see the decline of the empire in our lifetime.

The ANB symbol is similar to the antipode of the banner of the Roman Empire and was probably intended exactly that way – if the enslaved peoples were able to end the almost thousand-year hegemony of the Romans, then we will also put an end to their imitators. Copies are often worse and less durable than the original.

Never forget what we are struggling for – not just for our nation-states, but for the physical survival of our nations. For your and our freedom!


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