Russia is criticized for Russification of educational systems in Tatarstan and other national republics

Федералистский союз европейских национальных меньшинств (FUEN)

Federalist union of European national minorities (FUEN) appealed to Minister of education of Russian Federation with a request to revise minister’s position on optional study of national languages. Doing so, FUEN reacted on earlier appeal of Free Idel-Ural movement (17.10.2018) about violation of right of native peoples in Idel-Ural to get education in their mother tongues.

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Erzyan Mastor

Erzyan Mastor is a historical motherland of Erzyan people, once a unified country, compactly located between Volga, Oka, Moksha and Sura rivers. Today it is southern part of the Nizhegorod Oblast and eastern part of the Republic of Mordovia, and small adjoining territories of nearby regions. Ethnogenesis of Erzyan people started here, as evidenced by ancient settlements, sacred sites and burial grounds.

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