Russia was accused of technogenic catastrophe concealment

Russia was accused of technogenic catastrophe concealment

Representatives of native peoples of Russia, united into Free Idel-Ural civic movement, picketed embassy of Federal Republic of Germany in Kyiv. Reason for the event, conducted on May 13, were reports about suspension of transit of Russian oil with high content of organochlorine compounds. 

Activists in hazmat suits and gas-masks demanded from German authorities to initiate international audit of the Russian oil production. 

“Russian Urals mixture is high-sulphuric oil from Tatarstan and Bashkortostan which is mixed together with Siberian oil and when goes to export. Recently Urals customers detected high levels of organochlorine compounds while there must be no such compounds at all. Scale of export oil contamination can testify about technogenic catastrophe in my motherland, Republic of Tatarstan. I am convinced, that Russian authorities hides information about real ecological situation both in Tatarstan and in Tatarstan”, – Nafis Kashapov, political emigrant from Tatarstan. explains the situation.

Syres’ Boliayen’, co-founder of Free Idel-Ural, transferred an official appeal of Free Idel-Ural to German diplomats, where activists asked official Berlin to initiate procedure of international audit. “We ask German Federal Republic, as one of the most important importers of Russian oil and gas, to initiate independent international audit of Russian Transneft company, as well as other export-oriented Russian companies, particularly Rosneft, Tatneft and Bashneft. I understand that elimination of environment in distant national republics of Povolzhye may sound for German government as news about martian soil. But we, Erzyans, Mokshans, Udmurts, Mari, Tatars, Chuvashs and Bashkirs, – you know, it’s not that ironic to us.. There is one motherland for us, and this motherland before our very eyes is converted into an exclusion zone, filled by harmful substances. We consider that government of German Federal Republic must share Russian responsibility for predatory resources exploitation on Idel-Ural lands. Human life is not a toy”, – Erzyan activist proclaimed.

After long-time communication with journalists activists unwrapped a large banner with slogan in German: “That is hidden in Transneft pipes?”. Activists hope that their action will draw attention not only of German government but also of German civic society to predatory methods of oil production, practiced by Moscow on native peoples lands.


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