FUEN refused to criticize Russia for its language policy

FUEN refused to criticize Russia for its language policy

Mr. Loránt Vincze, president of Federal Union of European Nationalities (FUEN), speaking at regional UN forum on education in Brussels, critisized Ukraine for its new law on official language.

“For minority communities the preservation of their distinct identity, language and culture is the most important goal. Unfortunately many minority groups face assimilation and language loss”, – said Loránt Vincze.

At the same time Free Idel-Ural civic movement declares, that FUEN avoiding the issues raised in the appeal about violation of language rights of native peoples of Idel-Ural by Russian Federation.

Mr. Syres’ Boliayen’, Free Idel-Ural co-founder, considers position, taken by FUEN, preconceived. “We can see very special attention, which FUEN dedicates to defence of interests of Hungarian minority in Ukraine, Romania and Slovakia. Indisputably, this is their internal right to place priorities in organizational activity. However Hungarians have Hungary, while for us, Erzyans, Mokshans or Mari people there is no respective countries. Moreover, 150 thousand Ukrainian Hungarians have their own mass-media, own educational establishments, and mostly important that there are Hungarian political parties openly functioning in Ukraine. Despite the fact that Russia is a federation, we can only dream about such rights! Therefore we called FUEN to say their word in defence of those, who have prosecutor’s verifications in schools instead of political parties. Unfortunately, we can see that self-censorship dominates in FUEN environment when in when it cames to Moscow. They simply are not able to criticize Russia even for gross violations of human rights”, – said mr. Boliayen’.

It should be reminded that October 25, 2018 Free Idel-Ural appealed to FUEN with a request to call state authorities of Russian Federation to stop the policy of assimilation of native peoples in Idel-Ural and abolish discriminatory amendments in Federal Law “On education”, which forbids obligatory study of other official languages, except Russian, in general educational establishments. Despite the fact that FUEN officially acknowledged receipt of the appeal, it still remains unanswered.


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