Counting on support from Hungarian patriots

Counting on support from Hungarian patriots

The expiring year seems to become one of most dramatic in newest history of Idel-Ural. Our people lost their right to teach official languages of the Republics as obligatory school disciplines. Without regard to numerous mass meetings and pickets, statements and appeals, Moscow implemented humiliating procedure in our republics: to study Mari or Erzyan language it is necessary to apply special written statements, and even more, in some cases to convince school management that mother tongue of your child should be allowed to study there. 

Finno-Ugric and Turkic languages again lose their positions under the reckless pressure of russification. Although civic activists continue to organize various actions of civil disobedience, we do not have illusions. Kremlin will not step back. Only international pressure can stop elimination of our languages and cultures. For this reason we, Free Idel-Ural civic movement, urge Hungarian Jobbik party as successive political force which defends interests of Hungarians not only in Hungary but also abroad. There is over one-million population of Finno-Ugric origin in Idel-Ural, namely Erzyans, Mokshans, Mari and Udmurts. These people are related to Hungarians not only by common prehistoric origin, but also by modern languages and cultures. 

We hope that in this hard time Hungarian patriots will hear our appeal for help. We count on Jobbik party as the speaker of interests of the Finno-Ugric people not only in Europe but also global-wide. Friends in need are friends indeed. Today troubles came to Idel-Ural, our common home. We rely on those, who will lend a friendly hand to us.


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