You, our beloved, are not going anywhere!

You, our beloved, are not going anywhere!

Another frightening news on the Internet, “The State Council of Tatarstan decided to help enslave students throughout the Russian Federation. Not Tatarstan on its own, of course. It is just that all unpopular “initiatives” should come from the colonies so that the metropolis is “out of business”: they say, you yourselves asked – so blame yourselves. The draft law “from Tatarstan” suggests to oblige all state employees, as in Soviet times, to work for 3 years where they will be sent.

It is possible to continue the logical line of the government… “According to the numerous requests of the workers, in order to facilitate the process of employment, to send young specialists to work in remote areas of the Far North and the Far East with their assignment to the positions for three years” – in my opinion, it sounds good, in a very Soviet and communist way! And how was Komsomolsk-on-Amur built? And Novokuznetsk city? Do you think it was easy? “The lips get the color of plum because of cold, but the lips whisper in harmony, “In four years there will be a garden city here!” If you do not want to build a garden city, join the army, defend your native people from the American invaders who attacked Russia in Ukraine! “At first, think about the Motherland, and then about yourself!” And again, “All as one, we will die in the struggle for this!”

Jokes aside, but we read further, “A draft law has been submitted to the State Duma of the Russian Federation, which will oblige students for studies of whom the state pays to work for three years where they will be sent, and in case of refusal, to reimburse state expenses for education. The explanatory note to the draft law says that the amendments will provide personnel for defense industry enterprises and other industries.” I would like to exclaim, “Oops! But it already happened, the author read about that. In the 70s and 80s of the last century, the Jews were infringed upon in such a way so that they would not rush to Israel and would not discredit the heavenly happy life in the USSR with their panic emigrant moods. The poor Soviet citizens of Jewish nationality who wanted to reunite with their historical homeland were forced first to pay the costs previously incurred by the state for the education of a potential repatriate in a Soviet university.

Oh, Almighty Allah! What is this? Birthmarks of socialism? Or the habit of pulling the leg of a convict who spent many years with a ball on a chain? Or the syndrome of an old horse who hobbled all her life in circles, pumping water from a well, and then, already untied, turned out unable to walk upright? It turns out that our Russian government’s set of habits has not changed much since the time of the mustachioed generalissimo! To charm, and if it does not work, then to scare! And if it does not work, then to press! And if it does not work, then to poison, to arrange a car accident. What is next? By the way, why are we blaming NKVD for everything? The king, for example, also sent the Ukrainian poet Taras Shevchenko to the soldiers for 25 years for dissent. Today, it is a very useful life hack for the re-education of “very literate and very smart people”: you babble with your tongue extra words, so go to the army or to Prigozhin’s gang … well, that is, to his patriotic private military company. Although we all know very well that in fact it is not private, but really a state company.

Therefore, an unreasonable young man who avoids working in the Russian wilderness or serving in the army outside his native country, shouting in youthful enthusiasm that “you have no methods against Kostya Saprykin”, is very mistaken. The backbone of the Russian state is the security forces and special officers! From the guardsmen of Ivan the Terrible in the Moscow kingdom to the Federal Security Service and the Russian Guard in the Russian Federation (including the ever-memorable 3rd Security Department, the Cheka, the GPU and the NKVD, and then the KGB of the USSR) – they all worked in the same direction and accumulated solid experience – from interviews and persuasion under threat of death / prison / deportation / punitive psychiatry to ordinary dismissals from work with a wolf ticket, many hours of house searches, bans on traveling abroad, etc., etc., etc.

This includes also the economic sanctions imposed by the Western liberal-LGBT Russophobes that had no full force effect. And if they continue, the situation with products will become more intense, they will ration and normalize consumption … Here such a field of creativity for the Federal Security Service fraternity will open! For the special services with so-called official ideologists. Well, with those idiots who teach us on TV how to hate and despise everyone, and believe only Vladimir Vladimirovich. That is when they finally put things in order. Woo! It is real delight!

“Who do we have here? A foreign agent, a clever evader from military service? And present in the supermarket a permissive personalized certificate with an electronic chip for the purchase of food products subject to rationing! Who else is here? Anti-government blogger? And why is your certificate not renewed in the prescribed manner at the state record center? It is already two days that certificate is expired! Go immediately to renew it, having previously prepared medical certificates from the psychological sanation center and a document from the house committee, certified by the authorized district police officer! What do you have? I see, I see, you have a membership ticket of the Society for Vigilance and Assistance to the Internal Affairs Bodies plus a tear-off incentive coupon for diligence in the fight against deserters, evaders and accomplices of foreign agents. Please go to the right, into the special section, follow the green corridor.

We are good with good people, but with bad people …

No, bastards, do not even think about that! You will not escape anywhere, we will find you underground and send you for re-education … to Kadyrov! .. no, it is better to go to Prigozhin.”

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