We need the experience of Kazakhstan

We need the experience of Kazakhstan

In 1986, the number of Kazakhs and Russians in Kazakhstan was the same.

Already after 10 years, there were twice as many Kazakhs as Russians, we can attribute these changes to the emigration of Russians to Russia, however, many Kazakhs also emigrated to Russia.

Another 10 years later, Kazakhstan showed a profit of the population not only in terms of national composition, but also in the number: more Kazakhs were born or arrived than Russians and Kazakhs counted together left.

By the 30th anniversary of independence, the Kazakhs had already become more than 70.4%, and the growth of their numbers is stable and noticeably high. Someone will say that this is solely because Kazakhs profess Islam, and this religion is favorable to a stronger family and more children. However, the number of Kazakhs in Russia itself (with the exception of those who came from Kazakhstan) is continuously and steadily falling. Are the differences between Kazakhs from Russia and Kazakhs from Kazakhstan really that big?

Of course not. From this we conclude that the competent policy of the Kazakh authorities of literally “Kazakhization” of Kazakhstan is successful and bears fruit not after centuries, but after just one or two generations.


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