Two views on one death

Two views on one death

Fanis Khusainov was buried in Bashkortostan —  the authorities of the Republic of Bashkortostan worked  months for his media promotion. Radiy Khabirov came to the funeral.

What do two meters of land over Fanis mean?

“We are with You, Oh, great Leader!” For Khabirov, this is another bonus in front of the Kremlin, an opportunity to demonstrate his devotion and loyalty to Moscow, to justify his tenure in high office. It is another media occasion. Believe me, Khabirov is not worried about the gene pool of the Bashkirs, nor about the depopulation of the Bashkir village.

For the national movement, Fanis in a coffin does not promise either career prospects or budget allocations – this is another senseless death of a guy washed by Russian chauvinism – a Bashkir guy! Yes, Fanis was a mankurt. However, every lost soul can be fought for! As long as a person is alive, he can be instructed, enlightened! And this is another difference with Khabirov – his tasks do cross the interests of the Bashkir people.


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