They cannot put two words together in the Muscovite language, but they proudly fight for their own enslavers

The Mankurts from Tyva boast about how they “liberated” part of Avdeevka for the Muscovites. They report to their employers to be paid money for the war. Unlike these Mankurts, the residents of Avdeevka spoke this language completely, flawlessly.

Muscovites talk about Slavic brotherhood and the protection of the Russian language, and then set people originating from a distant land in Asia against these same Russian-speaking Slavs. Although they themselves consider people originating from Asia to be some kind of subhumans and do not even want to rent out apartments to them.

Schizophrenia? No, they just do not care about their own arguments. This is for the public only. In fact, the Rushists are only concerned about robberies, murders and “increase” in land.

The characters in the video can only wish for a meeting with Russian Nazis in a back alley. With the same ones who also went through the Special Military Operation. If both of them survive and return to civilian life.


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