There will still be a park named after Zhirinovsky in Cheboksary

The commission on issues of Moscow lackeys in naming allowed the renaming of one of the city’s parks in honor of Vladimir Zhirinovsky, the xenophobe, Nazi, and in particular the would-be Turkologist and at the same time Turkophobe.

Yes, to make a park in honor of a Turkophobe in a Turkic area – this is what Russia is all about.

Vladimir Volfovich himself, being Jewish on his father’s side, despised Jews and considered himself Russian. His father was considered the son of a kulak exploiter (he owned a woodworking factory), and therefore all his property was taken away by Molotov’s order by the Soviet government in 1940 – a year after the occupation of Rivne region of Ukraine, being then part of Poland.

Accordingly, his Jewish grandfather, and even an “exploiter,” was considered an enemy of the people, which prevented Vladimir from making a career.

Moreover, during the Soviet era, being a Jew was extremely unprofitable, so he hated this part of his blood and decided to renounce, even changing his father’s surname Eidelstein to his mother’s surname. Vladimir decided to completely renounce not only Jewry, but also Poland and Ukraine. By regular demonstrations of hatred towards these countries, he tried in every possible way to prove to the Russian imperialists, “look, I am the same as you are – I belong to your circle.” All this influenced his further political activities. That is, he was a mankurt and wanted to make everyone like him, believing that he managed to become Russian, which means that others could too.


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