The time of de-Russification of Russia

The time of de-Russification of Russia

We have been going through de-Tatarization, de-Erzyanization, de-Mokshanization, de-Udmurtization… and other “denazifications” for several centuries.

The time has come for de-Russification of Russia.

Someone should have been the first to announce this. The desire for independence is good, but rushism will always put sticks in the wheels of national movements. Even after the disintegration of the Russian Federation. Therefore, it is de-Russification of Russia and Post-Russia that we need. To strive to ensure that the entire space around us is de-Russified, and not just our native republic – to help our neighbors in this matter: to instruct, to support.

De-Russification not only in linguistic terms, but also in cultural, political and even historical terms. In the future, we will have to completely reconsider the history of our nations, because we know it mainly due to the few surviving artifacts, as well as due to the words of the same Russians and others like them. The same situation is with culture. Over the centuries of life under occupation, it gradually became more and more primitive and marginalized, including with the help of the Russians themselves, who do not benefit from the competition of cultures.

De-Russification must spread to the entire planet. Because other nations look at us, our history and culture through the prism of the Russian world, and this prism distorts everything.


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