The score of the war

The score of the war

Israel, Gaza Strip: Israeli border cities are attacked by Hamas militants and Palestinian insurgents. Tel Aviv calls up reservists, smashes the Gaza Strip and promises to destroy Hamas.

It is clear that all this was inspired by Putin. This is his favorite proven technique – to start a war, and then offer his services for a settlement on Moscow’s terms. Now this Russian cheating trick is being repeated in Israel. There, it seems they were going to help Ukraine as much as possible with their air defense systems and looked askance at the Iranian factories for the production of “shaheds”. They could have launched a preventive strike. But Putin got ahead. I think it was he who persuaded the Iranians to be the first to hit Israel with the hands of Hamas and the Palestinians.

Wherever Russia has interests, it starts a war.

It has nothing else attractive to interest or win over to its side. Only war, terror, murder, violence.

After the victory of Hamas in the elections in the Gaza Strip, a peaceful solution to the issue became even more distant, because “we say Hamas, we mean Iran” – this organization primarily calls Iran among its main financial and ideological sponsors. And, of course, we see Hamas militants among the main instigators of the current Arab-Israeli war. Their interests today coincide very noticeably with the general line of Iran, and in addition, they successfully and conveniently fit into the matrix of interests of Putin’s Russia. The Palestinians, led by Hamas, will be able to bite the Israelis harder than in previous times. The Iranians, without looking back at the world community, will be ready to seriously defend military factories on their territory, something they were not allowed to do fully before, and Israeli aviation has time after time launched preventive strikes on the technological centers of the Persian military industry.

I repeat, it is difficult not to notice the Russian message in the new Arab-Israeli war. And the main “beneficiary” in this war is Russian President Vladimir Putin, who is seeking to find himself in the familiar and well-mastered element – military provocations, political intrigue, the exchange of people’s blood for globalist preferences – in this eternal strategy of the Russian empire. Oh, what space for manipulation opens up with the outbreak of the Arab-Israeli war… For the Kremlin, this is a new weapon that increases its chances for victory in the war and the stakes in the geopolitical game on the world map.

Moscow has obviously prepared a lot of propaganda IPSO cases. For example, for Muslims in Russia and the world: the West is the eternal enemy of all Muslims, and Russia is their natural protector and ally, the mouthpiece for their interests: gather together under the flag of Russia, do not trust the vile West! Russia is the flagship of the struggle for national self-determination of the enslaved peoples.

We can recall oil, the price of which has gone up, that also benefits the Russians. And the Saudi prince is already claiming that Saudi Arabia supports the Palestinian liberation struggle. All the planned positive changes, such as the alliance between the Saudis and Israel, also falls to pieces…

Now the “beneficiary” will be able to put pressure on Israel, seeking its support in the international arena on the issue of the Ukrainian-Russian war, and intimidate Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu by transferring Russian ballistic missile production technologies to the Iranians. And Iran will be promised these same technologies, coupled with assistance in the issue of lifting international sanctions. At the UN and other international platforms, Putin will no longer be a pariah, but the desirable and respective “peacemaker,” even if only with the “quasi” prefix firmly attached and recognized throughout the world. And if V.V. will be able to influence Netanyahu so effectively that he will make contact with the world’s most reputable Israeli diaspora (we can call it so, or we can call it the “Jewish world community”) and ask to put a little pressure on politicians in the same USA, France, etc. in order to help the fighting people of Israel, then it will be difficult not to listen to such voices.

And do you think such a profitable situation for the Kremlin with the outbreak of the Arab-Israeli war (well, just a lucky piano that happened to be in the bushes!) developed “by chance”, on its own? I am sure it did not! How can one not recall the Latin legal formula “Cui prodest?” It means look for who benefits, “the guilty are among those interested.”

Cynical Moscow will spur Muslim Arabs to participate in battles, to incite cruelty, to lead the war into such a tailspin from which none of the warring parties will be able to get out. It will launch propaganda rhetoric to the whole world about humanism, about finding ways of reconciliation, about creating special bodies for this purpose, etc. It can even offer its own “peacekeepers.” But even without peacekeepers, the position of a “conciliator” is very convenient, because one can “reconcile” for decades, strengthening his control over the territories and the situation. Therefore, I urge all fellow countrymen and fellow believers to understand that you will not hear any note of national liberation in this terrible military cacophony, and even do not try. This is a completely different music and members of the orchestra, and the conductor is just as far from wanting to achieve harmony as the South Pole from the North one.

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