What can be done safely now for the benefit of the future state?

What can be done safely now for the benefit of the future state?

The question often arises: what can be done safely now for the benefit of the future independent state? A Ukrainian subscriber of our Telegram channel shared her thoughts and experience.

One of the serious problems of any young state is personnel shortage. Here in the east, we felt very acutely these personnel holes when we had to create regional departments from scratch and poor specialists came due to the lack of normal personnel.

Thousands of worthy and competent managers in different spheres of life will not appear out of nowhere. Therefore, I would recommend starting with an informal popular lustration of those officials who are working now.

You all live in your cities and villages and you can see who is working there and how they are working.

You can already collect information about the managers of the republic through some kind of bot system or email.

It is up to you to choose the criteria, but I would include, first of all, such parameters as non-corruption, professionalism, loyalty/predisposition to national identity/character.

There will probably be few or no such people in the upper echelons of power, but they are definitely in the middle and lower echelons of management.

The same goes for security forces.

I would also recommend taking a closer look at senior courses at specialized institutes. If you have contacts with professors, they will recommend their competent students. They are, of course, still inexperienced, but they think in a modern way and learn easily. These are just the kind of people who can perfectly fill the lower echelons of management in various specialized departments.

Here, of course, it is also important to monitor that they are not involved in youth movements of the rushist nature.

Actually, this is how you can easily create an anti-rating of officials and security forces, who definitely should not remain in government.


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