Stay at home!

Stay at home!

I saw a video on Telegram about an old man from Tuymazy (Bashkortostan). An upset pensioner is interviewed with a ballot paper in his hands… Poor grandfather, he sincerely wanted to fulfill his civic duty in the fascist country… he wanted to vote for his candidate! But there was no one! You are foolish, you are a simpleton! For this, there should be democracy in the country, turnover of power, constitutional freedoms: of assembly, of speech, of press, of campaign, etc. And for all these benefits to appear, reforms must be carried out, and reforms of this kind in Russia are impossible without a revolution! So go home, old man, save your nerves.

Unfortunately, even “humble” protesters like you are persecuted and destroyed in our country. Get out of harm’s way and understand that there is still a lot to endure till the hypothetical revolution. Go home and do what will be most useful at the moment: explain to your children and grandchildren what is what, and discuss with them how to live, so that in their old age they also do not have to stand like this in front of a polling station and complain about their lack of rights.

You are allowed to be happy that you live in the most, most … country! Do you remember how in the Soviet joke about learning a festive chant in kindergarten, when in response to questions like: where do children eat the best, where do children have the most toys, where are the kindest teachers and educators – the children joyfully and unanimously answered, “in the Soviet Union!” And only one boy who did not understand cried, “I want to go to the Soviet Union!” Here, dear Bashkort voter, a wise 60-year-old child who believes in the possibility of electing someone other than Putin, and you are given the opportunity to silently vote for whom the authorities indicate, and then go out and loudly exclaim, “Glory to Putin! Glory to Russia!” And no statements about alternative candidates or about respecting the interests of the indigenous population, no, no, otherwise you will quickly be sent to the places where the sun does not shine.

Go home, old man! I do not know what alternative you would like to see in the “Putin`s elections”, maybe you are an old USSR supporter and you do not strive at all for the sovereignty of Bashkortostan, but following the old habit, for a “communist paradise”… Maybe you need a candidate from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, I do not intend to guess … But I believe that you are a thinking person, you want the best for your land and agree to debate, and not to rolling your political rivals into the asphalt. And I strongly doubt that the decision about the war in Ukraine, which is far from Bashkortostan, finds support in your soul. You will probably approve roads, bridges and hospitals, but you are unlikely to approve rockets and shells on other people’s houses, roads and bridges.

You understand that all this tinsel and pandemonium around the ballot boxes is a sign of the people’s distraction from the main thing: is there a choice or is it being replaced with ritual pathos – loud patriotic music, slogans, animation, putting pressure propaganda. After all, it is clear: elections will be held, and music and propaganda will not be able to replace confidence in the normal future of children and grandchildren, and they will not add comfort to one’s own old age!

Our wise simpleton understands that the road to prosperity lies in the other direction, not in the direction where the authorities are pushing him.

They tell him, “Go, old man, where Vladimir Vladimirovich is leading, this is the road to the power of the empire, to omnipotence on the planet, but you need to be patient for now with pensions and medicines, equality and justice! And also be patient with the planned studies of your grandchildren in the capital, you see, you are  daydreaming too much! Pipes in the basement and a leaky roof in the entrance are not the main thing, this is later, when Vladimir Vladimirovich will deal with the enemies, with the fascists in Ukraine, the liberals in Europe and Americans! And then, after a general and final victory, after all the plans of the “leader” have been fully implemented into reality, then it will be possible…”

Well, it is not customary in the Russian Federation to argue with officials, but no one can force you to believe them. Go home, old man, do not bring yourself to a heart attack in the police station. But you should not have to take in hand the ballot paper- such election booths should simply be ignored!

And keep in mind, dear one: your action will be the most correct one possible, confirmation of this is the position of the entire progressive world community.

“We call for a boycott of Putin’s pseudo-elections! We urge everyone to make this choice for boycotting the elections and ensuring “no-show” at the elections! Whatever the falsification of Putin’s henchmen, the total “failure to appear” at the elections will not allow you to deceive yourselves,” said, for example, the Government of Independent Tatarstan.

The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe has already expressed its position regarding the imitation of elections in Russia – Putin will not have legitimacy in the world due to Putin’s uncontrolled presidential power, which has turned into a dictatorship! (Resolution No. 2519 dated October 13, 2023)

Citizens of Russia, do not buy into the false promises, do not sell yourselves for the promised benefits, do not go to pseudo-elections, stay at home!

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