Protect your homeland (crossed out) Putin!

Protect your homeland (crossed out) Putin!

At one time, our army officials liked to joke, ridiculing the intimidated recruits, “Homeland needs heroes, and women give birth to fools!” It turns out that they were fundamentally wrong, now in our fatherland, which is waging the war unnecessary for anyone, there is a high demand, first of all, for fools! The smart people do not really seek to go to the front.

How to organize a solution to the problem of cannon fodder for the Great VVF (I am talking about our president, if is not clear for someone), who has gone crazy from permissiveness and has lost touch with reality? An intense search is going on in two main directions. Direction No. 1 – educating the younger generation, ready to jump under a tank with a grenade tied to their stomach; Direction No. 2 – rolling into asphalt those who disagree with the “policy of the party and government.” For greater productivity of the program, it is recommended to apply it to large human communities, preferably entire ethnonational groups.

For implementation, methods are proposed that have been tested by time and geography, well-proven on different continents, in chronologically different periods, in different social and cultural conditions.

Let’s take, for example, the Hitlerjugend – the youth wing of the NSDAP, children  became its members from the age of 10 y.o. (since 1936, membership in the Hitlerjugend became mandatory). How effective the organization was! Judge for yourself: on February 10, 1943, an order appeared in the Third Reich to create the 12th SS Panzer Division Hitlerjugend consisting of 17-year-old conscripts. In total, the number of personnel of the division exceeded 20 thousand people. And on May 8, 1945, the surviving members of the division with one tank surrendered to the 7th American Army. Out of more than 20 thousand personnel as of 1943, 455 soldiers and officers were alive at the end of the war.

Recently, an order On organizing the involvement of members of the military-patriotic social movement Youth Army in carrying out the special operation on the territory of Ukraine, signed by Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu was at the disposal of Ukrainian intelligence. The order refers to the preparation of a report on the potential human reserve at the age of 17-18 y.o. to be involved in military actions.

They created and officially registered the Youth Army in Russia in 2016 to supposedly “educate young people in high civil and social activity, patriotism, devotion to the ideas of internationalism, countering the ideology of extremism,” etc. Children who are 8 years old can become participants in this movement. In 2019, 300,000 participants were lured into the Youth Army, recruitment is voluntary-compulsory: if you do not know, we will teach you, if you do not want to, we will force you!

“Hitler Youth” became a supplier of “cannon fodder” for the already lost war. Is Putin preparing this fate for the youth of Russia?

Набережные Челны Life (Naberezhnye Chelny Life) reports that Tatarstan will be among the pilot regions for participation in the program of military-patriotic education of children. The task of mentors is to improve the systems of professional military-applied training, as well as to engage in the ideological education of young people. That is, they will test the program of “military-patriotic education of children” in an ideological terms: “At first think about the Motherland, and then about yourself!” on the Tatars, as on the lab bunnies.

The Tatar Putinjugend can not only in terms of organization form and content, but also practically repeat the path of the Hitlerjugend.

And if something goes wrong, then they can move on to the consideration of Direction No. 2 on remaking those who disagree into those who agree, into the silent and submissive majority. Perhaps the plan is a copy of the “effective and proven” Chinese model of “re-educating the Uyghurs.” The whole world knows that in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, the PRC authorities have organized camps where local residents professing Islam are forcibly detained. According to official government statements, everything looks pretty decent, the purpose of such institutions is vocational training and countering extremism. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said in 2019, “Education and training centers in Xinjiang are schools that help people free themselves from extremism (actually against any manifestation of Uyghur identity, culture or belief – author). Issues related to Xinjiang are essentially about countering terrorism, radicalization and separatism, not about human rights or religion. The Chinese authorities have taken many decisive, reliable and effective de-radicalization measures. Currently, social stability and harmony reign in the region, as well as economic development.”

Abdul Hakim, head of the Center for Uyghur Studies, said that China tests this practice on Uyghurs and plans to continue to apply this approach to other regions of the world. “Now China says it will set up concentration camps in Taiwan,” Hakim said.

Perhaps, after some time in Russia, it will be concluded that the Tatars are a painful deviation in the mental development of the Russian people … Do not you believe this? I do not want to either, but  it happen in China, did not it ? And do you think many of us will go out protesting again such a program? Actually, today’s Tatar TV is one of the elements of preparation for the implementation of the points of Direction No. 2. Have you noticed that you are already being led in the right direction, your views are being formed, the ideological attitudes that the government needs are put into your head, and you are being prepared for the role of “enthusiastic fools” who are ready to die for Russia – the homeland of all Tatars?

Fellow countrymen, be careful! Protect your children from the tenacious paws of the “Putinjugend”, and protect yourselves from the insinuating voice of the TV!

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