Point of no return for Tatars and Bashkirs

Point of no return for Tatars and Bashkirs

The number of confirmed deaths of natives of Tatarstan and Bashkortostan as a result of a full-scale invasion of Ukraine amounted to 325 and 566 people respectively.

Taking into account the assessments of international experts, the ratio of those killed to the wounded in this war is at least 1:4. That is, for one killed at least 4 wounded. If we take into account the quality of Russian medicine, which is significantly inferior to Ukrainian capabilities (after all, Ukrainians not only receive medical equipment and drugs, but they also send their soldiers abroad for treatment and prosthetics), it can be assumed that many of the wounded lost their ability to work either completely or partially.

Based on the foregoing, relying solely on the confirmed lists of names of the dead, it can be assumed that:


Killed: 324

Wounded ≈ 1300 ( at least 600 of them were disabled)


Killed: 566

Wounded ≈ 2300 (at least 1050 of them were disabled).

Now imagine the real picture, which differs significantly from the official figures. And now imagine what the social burden is for the republics to pay benefits and pensions to the disabled, widows, semi-orphans and orphans (who were supported only by their fathers), to equip infrastructure for the disabled in the villages (after all, most of the mobilized and contract soldiers are from there, and not from Ufa or Kazan).

Ukrainian politicians and military commanders talk about the inadmissibility of the war of attrition, since Ukrainians have fewer mobilization resources than Russians. They say that people are the most valuable resource, and they should be protected. And here the question arises: if the irreversible losses of the Ukrainians come before the irreversible losses of the Russians, then when will the Tatars pass their point of no return? And the Bashkirs, who are fewer than the Tatars? 15, 20 times faster than Ukrainians?

Yes, and the war is far from its end. The Bashkirs have every chance in the demographic table to take the place of the Udmurts, and the Tatars to take the place of the Bashkirs. After all, the war is not only the dead and crippled, it is also the unborn children, the prospects stolen from the youth, poverty and destroyed families. All that will hold Tatarstan and Bashkortostan as a weight, preventing them from escaping from Russia. The longer we endure, the more terrible the consequences will be.


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