Pedophiles and maniacs are the traditional values of Russia

Pedophiles and maniacs are the traditional values of Russia

Two lessons with veterans of the imperial war were held during a day in Bashkortostan. Idel.Realii reports about this. But this is only part of the events in schools that the correspondents of this source were able to track.

In fact, such “lessons” take place every day in all the republics of Volga region and in neighboring regions. So far, not in every school and not in every district – because not all schools will have enough valiant imperial warriors, since the losses in the war are great. But, as the rashists come back from the front,  such “lessons” will be held in an increasing number of schools.

Both formally and in fact, all these speeches of the people from a non-pedagogical environment in general education schools are a violation of the Federal Law “On Education in the Russian Federation” dated December 29, 2012 N 273-ФЗ.

First, anyone from the street should not be allowed to come to children. We send our children to schools for studying, and not for the goal that all sorts of dubious guys with no relation to the educational process visit them.

Secondly, at such “lessons” children are photographed together with these veterans, kind of to remember. Here it is worth reminding that any outsiders do not have the right to photograph our children without our written permission. Both at school and in kindergarten.

Thirdly, all these alco-warriors and marauders were at war. Someone in the front ranks, and someone in the detachments driving forward the first ranks. The very fact that they decided to be invaders says that they have mental health problems. And the war made it even worse. They not only robbed and drank there – they killed people, including children. They raped both men and women, the elderly and children. They killed children, and not only by accident, but more often on purpose. Now they are all allowed into schools and kindergartens to our children. 

The stories about Soviet veterans who came to schools only to touch high school girls are still fresh in people’s memory. The present orcs will touch not only girls, but also boys. And not just from high school. They already touch them. And not only touch.

Fourthly, our children are taught complete trust to these people. Trust to those who even the day before yesterday could rape and kill a child. Of course, the smaller our children are, the more trust they will have to these kind men. And the men, using this trust, can easily attack our children outside school. After all, children are taught to trust them, so a child will not refuse to go for a walk with his man? And none of the adults will even say anything, because the child is walking with the hero of Russia! And what will it lead to then – well, big deal. Who knew that, right?

Fifthly, considering that some facts of violence by deputies and officials against orphanage children regularly come to light, when orphanage workers force small children to be sex dolls, what will prevent teachers or kindergarten educators from selling sex services of our children to these veterans? Do not forget that only the most unworthy personalities are now taken as teachers and educators, who are ready for any dirty trick with children, if they are ordered to do so by large shoulder straps or beckoned with big money. They are already handing over our children to the cops for any anti-war or anti-imperial self-expression (even unconscious), and you think that they will take pity on the children and will not trade them? In orphanages, this is already happening and happening massively. It will happen in schools and kindergartens. If we keep silent.

Sixth, these orcs teach our children to die before they even live. To die for nothing, so that only the king is safe and the empire lives. And not just to die, but to do more dirty tricks to the whole world before death. To die, but in the firm belief that no one on the planet will live happily and calmly. They teach our children to be the same maniacs, marauders and rapists as they are. And from their impunity, the children will conclude that this is all allowed.


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