Nazism as the basis of the statehood of Russia

All these organizations and their measures are not just sanctioned from above, but are created above. In the Russian Federation not a single similar movement spontaneously appeared, and then taken under the wing of the Kremlin. They appear exactly with the order of the Kremlin.

All this is done to justify the liquidation of the republic. As if we intimidate the locals and they will not even dare to utter a word in response to the dismantling of the statehood.

Similar processes are going in all national republics. We recently wrote that in neighboring Tatarstan, the russian nazis Shcheglov and Efremov are gathering entire official conferences to discuss how to fight against the Tatars. And not only the police – even Minnikhanov does not react in any way, although he is also a Tatar by blood, no matter who he considers himself to be.


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