Muscovites are lying right in their trenches, but no one needs them

The trenches are under the control of Muscovites, but they do not take their dead people. Judging by the degree of decomposition in wintertime, the corpses lie there for several weeks. There is no movement in front  in that place, so they are in control over the trenches. Muscovites walk over pieces of their fellows and live with their corpses in the trenches: eat, sleep and fight. When it rains or thaws, the slurry of the dead people spreads over the trenches, flooding the blindages.

True Muscovite necrophilia, which stretches from the depths of centuries and is embedded in the mentality to always repeat and repeat again surrounding themselves with many corpses. This is what they wanted to repeat. They wanted the indigenous peoples to lie there instead of them, and they would walk over our bodies, talking about great victories at our expense.


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