Moscow adopted a budget extremely unfavorable for Tatarstan

Moscow adopted a budget extremely unfavorable for Tatarstan

The document was dubbed the “victory budget” by propagandists. A third of all expenses of the Russian Federation in 2024 is intended for war. Social spending is being reduced (education, medicine, pensions, benefits) and the pumping of money from the resource colonies, such as Tatarstan, is increasing.

“We will have to shrink in some areas. There is a part for culture there, unfortunately, for the repair of facilities. In general, they are kind of taken into account, but not to the extent we would like to,” Marat Nuriev, a multimillionaire and the State Duma deputy from Tatarstan, assessed the budget.

The 10 richest people in Tatarstan, according to the InKazan publication, own a fortune of 108.2 billion rubles. That is, 10 Tatarstan residents own an amount that exceeds the budget expenditures of Tatarstan for the entire education system of the republic. It is clear that these billionaires are ready to lick the ass of the Moscow authorities and will never support independence, because they were able to extract such money from the people of the republic only with the connivance of the metropolis.

At the same time, “the best people of the republic” suggest us to “shrink” and “endure it.”


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