Minnikhanov’s version of the Russification of Lisichansk

Minnikhanov’s version of the Russification of Lisichansk

In 2017, the population of this city was 100,000 people, and now there are not even 10,000. For comparison, what kind of ambulances and fire trucks there were in Lisichansk under the Ukrainian government and what they are like under the Russian Minnikhanov`s assistants. All modern machines were either destroyed or stolen and sent to Moscow and others like them – to the so-called “Russian cities”. More of them were stolen than destroyed. Therefore, “surplus” Soviet municipal transport is being confiscated from rural areas of Tatarstan and being sent to Lisichansk.

That is, for the sake of the comfort of the Russians, who stole modern equipment from Lisichansk, Tatar villages and some small towns are again suffering, where there is still such transport and from where it was now taken away en masse, leaving nothing in return. Moreover, all these machines are actually used in servicing only the occupation contingent in Lisichansk, and they go to visit local residents only under the television cameras.

A rhetorical question about why in the deeply provincial Lisichansk, which was not even a regional center and did not have a particularly developed industry, the technology was better and newer than that which is used in Tatarstan till this day – in the republic from which Moscow takes the most tribute In the republic that could have not only modern hospitals in every large village, but also the best fleet of vehicles in the region.


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