In Saransk, the Russian world flows on the streets

In Saransk, the Russian world flows on the streets

To build, lay, and bring communications according to the rules and norms of today – this  has always been an absolutely impossible task, one could say, an unrealizable  dream for Russia, especially for its outback. Can you imagine the Russian Federation with normal roads “from the capital to a village in the outback”? That’s it! And it is a similar picture with communications – so that gas, water supply and sewerage are brought everywhere… It is hard to even imagine.

And what is in reality? A garage cooperative on Svetotekhstroy was flooded with sewage, and some of the garages began to fall into the ground. The cellars with canned food for the winter, are also all flooded with shit and slop. Nobody cleaned the sewer, so it burst. But none of the victims are compensated for anything. On the contrary, they will also hear that it is their own fault – there was no point in living in Russia.

The housing and communal services workers did not do their job properly anyway, and then some of them were mobilized or went at their will to get the promised high salaries, remaining or having died there. Plus, budgets are being cut and cut for infrastructure maintenance – later there will only be more sewage and all sorts of disasters. This will not stop even after the war, because if Russia remains, most of the funds, as before, will go to Moscow. Moscow does not care who drowns in sewage – the main thing is that the money is given.


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