For how much can one buy the whole of Bashkortostan?

For how much can one buy the whole of Bashkortostan?

Residents of Podolsk agreed on a price of 4.6 million per person. That is a little more than 51 thousand dollars. This is how much Bashkortostan costs for one of its inhabitants. About 50 families have already agreed and taken the money, saying they signed non-disclosure papers.

If this village is resettled without any struggle, to some extent this is their own business. But there they will begin to develop the subsoil – as always, by barbaric methods, and in this case, the environment of the entire region, and possibly the whole of Bashkortostan, will suffer. This village will become an example – Bashkortostan can be bought massively, and even at a low price. How many villages  will follow the same example in the future? They will pay up to a certain point. Each time less and less. When there are very few Bashkorts left in the area, the rest will simply be evicted without any payments. Well, then the region can be separated from Bashkortostan. This is a new type of deportation of the population.

Perhaps there will be another gathering one of these days,  but by that time the Federal Security Service officers may take its organizers by surprise. 


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