2 million rubles in “compensation” promised to the families of Bashkirs killed in Ukraine

2 million rubles in “compensation” promised to the families of Bashkirs killed in Ukraine

The amount of the federal compensation is 7.4 million rubles plus the war veteran status.

Bashkortostan Kurultai councilors adopted in three readings the draft law on one-time payment of 2 million rubles to families of soldiers who fought on the side of Russian troops and were killed in action in Ukraine. 

Head of the Bashkortostan Republic Radiy Khabirov submitted the document to the Parliament on March 30 and requested it be adopted “the same day”. That is the price of Bashkirs’ life who invaded an independent state in the ranks of hostile Russian forces, and died on foreign land. 

“I submit a draft law on additional financial support to family members of the soldiers killed in action. They include a one-time payment of 2 million rubles equally divided between family members of the soldiers, who died while performing military tasks during the special operation. I think you will agree to these measures… It is our duty to take care of heroes and their families, and we will fulfill it,” Khabirov said

The amount of the federal compensation for invaders’ families killed in action is 7,4 million rubles. The State Duma of the Russian Federation has also adopted a law on granting soldiers involved in the special operation the “war veteran” status. 

On March 25, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation acknowledged the deaths of 1,351 soldiers in the war in Ukraine. At the same time, Ukrainian Armed Forces estimate the casualties among the enemy’s military at more than 17K. The Government of Bashkortostan has also already confirmed the deaths of 20 soldiers. On March 4, Khabirov at the “United Russia” meeting talked about 2 casualties only. According to him, senior lieutenant Aleksei Kondratiev, born in Zianchurinsky District, died in a “serious car accident”. While senior lieutenant Kuzma Nikolaev, born in Karmaskalinsky District, died on a combat mission. No details were provided. 

On March 2, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation admitted the losses of 498 soldiers for the first time since the start of the Russian war in Ukraine.  

It is still unclear how compensation will be paid. Reportedly, funds will be allocated from the regional budget. The procedure will be determined by the Government of Bashkortostan. 

For now, despite vocal declarations that “Russians don’t abandon Russians”, the Government of the Russian Federation is not eager to take either the bodies of dead Russian soldiers or the prisoners of war from Ukraine. Not surprisingly, since the law stipulates to submit a death certificate of the soldier to receive the compensation. A “missing in action” certificate has been excluded from the list. At the same time, deputy head of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation Aleksei Krivoruchko ordered bodies of the Russian soldiers to be buried in mass graves or destroyed on sight. 

Relying on the forecast of rating agencies on Russia’s expected default in “Venezuela style”, compensations might be paid “by weight”.   

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine earlier reported that one of Russian soldiers had surrendered along with a tank. He would be given 10,000 USD and an opportunity to apply for Ukrainian citizenship in exchange. 

When the Russian invasion of Ukraine started, Khabirov publicly supported the war, calling it a “special operation in Donbass”, parroting Russian propaganda. Now even his proponents in the face of Western sanctions are changing the narrative. For example, Khabirov’s former PR manager Rostislav Murzagulov started debunking and denouncing  both Federal and Republican authorities. He repeats statements like “the war is conducted by Russian authorities, not people” and “Russian people are treated badly all over the world, it cannot be tolerated”. 

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