Yesterday Khabirov’s allies are suddenly denouncing the war. Perhaps by Khabirov’s decree?

Yesterday Khabirov’s allies are suddenly denouncing the war. Perhaps by Khabirov’s decree?

While ordinary citizens in Idel-Ural are running around searching for sugar that is currently short supply – the smarter ones are grabbing remainders of import technology. Wise people are running towards dentistries – since soon there would be no import materials, nor spare parts for medical equipment, and even medicine will be under question.

But the most cunning ones aren’t looking for sugar, electronics or fillings for teeth – they are searching for “spare aerodromes”.

The former PR man and the best friend of the head of the Republic of Bashkortostan Radiy Khabirov, Rostislav Murzagulov, having an excellent sense for future changes, had already begun to “change shoes on the go.”

Murzagulov gave his all to expose both federal and republican governments, but, again, does it craftily, should he, just in case, play the situation backwards (what if Russia doesn’t collapse?)

Main citations from Rostislav Murzagulov’s speeches:

  • “I was almost the first in the world to declare that “hellish hell” comes to an end and Russia will sign a peace treaty with Ukraine.”
  • It’s “Russian authorities and not ordinary people” who are responsible for war.
  • Evil of war is not in Russians and not in Russia itself, but in the fact that “Putin’s nerves gave up and he attacked first”.
  • Zelenskiy is an artful propagandist, he says that “guilty is not who pulled the trigger, but the whole Russian nation”.
  • The whole world began thinking about Russians badly, but we can’t allow it – it is Putin’s war and not Russians’. It is Putin who wears a uniform of 200 thousand men of occupational forces, he personally drives every tank, armored personnel carrier and behind the wheel of every attack aircraft. Russians do not share the guilt with Putin.
  • There are many good people among Russians – they have ran from Russia and are now waiting “when this all ends”.

According to the information from a Telegram channel “KushTau on-line”, Murzagulov is not only saving his own skin, but also his previous boss’ – strenuously unearths all his connections in liberal circles and European countries to find a shelter for Habirov too, in case of the stronger waves in Russia.

“Free Idel-Ural” considers this master-class on “changing shoes on the go” from Murzagulov as a positive sign. First cracks are showing up in the regional elite. May the others too change their shoes. Of course, ordinary henchmen would be used and thrown out – only members of elite will “switch their shoes” and not all of them at that.

The most important thing is for Baskirs to remember who Murzagulov and Khabirov actually are. These mankurts should not be allowed to the ruling power in the independent Bashkortostan nowhere closer than a cannon’s shot.

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