Young nationalists and whales of geopolitics

Young nationalists and whales of geopolitics

When I was young, I read a book Working by the American journalist Studs Terkel,  in which he interviewed representatives of various professions in the United States and asked them to describe their activities. I was struck by how seriously Americans consider their work. For the vast majority, this is a significant part of their daily life, which should be accepted seriously. All of them, from a municipal garbage man or a cleaner in a dog shelter to a business investor, knew all the moves and exits, all the tricks, they looked for ways to improve, tricks to make it easier, they knew how to plan and calculate efforts. And I was also amazed, if not shocked, by one entertaining short story. It was about the front-line reporter of the WWII period. He and a friend went into the front toilet (yes, a specially built wooden toilet with cubicles). An ordinary soldier was sitting at the entrance, giving out toilet paper, three leaves per visitor. The journalist’s friend asked if he could take a little more paper. The toilet guard replied, “No, it’s not allowed! One leaf – from top to bottom, one – from bottom to top, and one – for complete purity!

I apologize to sensitive aesthetes for this toilet topic. I mentioned it to illustrate one remarkable American quality, which I later noticed in Americans more than once. They plan and calculate everything, they try to act pragmatically and rationally in all cases. Sometimes this feature of the national character is even sneered, as, for example, by W. Churchill. “Americans are very persistent guys, they will definitely find the right solution to any problem, having tried all the others before that!” he said.

This feature is noticeable even today, moreover, in matters that may directly concern us, dear Tatar fellow countrymen. I’ll explain why. One of the Free Idel-Ural forum participants  copied and pasted a post from a Russian bot stating that “No one will bet on small-town nationalism!” I have a slightly different opinion on this. It is rumored that geopolitical whales and sharks (led by the United States), on the contrary, are planning to support the “small” peoples of Russia in order to create an expanse of national powers with a democratic governance order in place of the “prison of peoples”. Demilitarization, denuclearization (seizure of atomic weapons) of Russia. Then, if possible, the division of the Russian Federation into several independent states. Ideally, Muscovy should remain within the national borders of the  ХVІ century (although it is not certain that the Erzyans would agree with this). If this program can be carried out painlessly, then life will become easier for everyone, even for the defeated Russians – they will stop toiling with great-power nonsense and will finally begin to work for real. And the fact that Tatarstan will be able to improve the economy better than the Russians is clear to the hedgehog. It is  necessary only at the initial stage for the young national states not to get bogged down in territorial squabbles.

According to my observations, the Americans are striving for this scenario, but they are aware of possible pitfalls and other hypothetical dangers. The main one among them is the unleashing of a nuclear war by Russian ruling chauvinists. The next on the scale of danger is the escalation of the Russian-Ukrainian war and its spread to the territory of the whole old f Europe, that has made comfort and well-being its idol. Then there is the fear of uncontrolled export from the Russian Federation territory of various types of atomic charges, which are hunted by terrorists of various stripes. Technogenic disasters are also possible at nuclear weapons storage facilities and nuclear power plants, as a result of the degradation of special engineering control and the exit from the IAEA influence.

Therefore, prudent Americans are acting cautiously, insuring and reinsuring themselves, controlling any changes on the political map of the world and on the map of military actions in Ukraine as the main center of ongoing changes in Europe, if not the whole world. As a result, dosed deliveries of modern weapons for the Armed Forces of Ukraine: they are given not so much for victory (it can push Putin into a military-political hysteria), but in order to restrain the Russian offensive and exhaust the forces of the Russian army. I think the American plan is thought out for 2-3-5 years: to exhaust Russia, to help national movements (including Tatarstan) to leave the Russian zone of influence, to support democratic transformations throughout the Russian Federation, to establish trusting relationships with new governments.

Of course, the Americans also make mistakes, as they did in Afghanistan, but in this case they are not ashamed to work backwards and admit their losses and mistakes. If mistakes are made by their partners, then the United States acts pragmatically and does not hesitate to turn on the tap of financial assistance. Sometimes this pragmatism borders on cynicism. “Yes, he’s a son of a bitch, but he’s our son of a bitch!” – do you remember this American saying about a Latin American dictator? But they still have certain principles. Yes, and the democratic system of governing the country does not allow individual high-ranking officials, up to the President, to go too far and start tyranny, as in Russia.

And one more thing: I am terribly disappointed by the arguments of Russians like “Americans are allowed, why are we not allowed?”, Or “we are also a great power, like the Americans!” Damn peasants! You never finish anything, you have the whole bet at random. You brag about it, accompanying stupid photos with the comments, “This country cannot be defeated!” And the diligent, industrious peoples conquered by you, accustomed to prudent management, suffer because of the swaggering Russian stupidity.

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