You can’t make diapers at home anymore: instead of cabbage, leaves will be sold

You can’t make diapers at home anymore: instead of cabbage, leaves will be sold

According to Rosstat, cabbage in Russia has risen in price by 85%. In Bashkortostan, in particular, the price of cabbage currently ranges from 90 to 120 rubles per kilogram. Therefore, Bashkortostan supermarkets began to sell cabbage in quarters, because not everyone can afford even half of it now. If this trend continues, cabbage leaves will soon be sold individually.

According to the press service of the Ministry of Trade of Bashkortostan, the increase in cabbage prices has been observed since 2021 and is associated with its crop failure across the country.

“This, in turn, is due to the unfavorable weather conditions last season – abnormal heat and drought, which affected the supply of local products and, accordingly, prices,” said in the department.

We should note that annual inflation as of the 1st of April accelerated to about 16.6% (in annual terms). In addition to cabbage, two more became record-breaking products: sugar – 53% and onions – 63%. The cost of carrots’ increased by 53% in the territory of the terrorist country. In addition, as Meduza wrote, the following products and goods became significantly more expensive: pads – 24%; diapers – 20%; detergent – 20%; salt – 18%; soap – 17%; medicine- 15-20%; margarine – 14%; beets – 8.5%.

Rising prices are not related to harvests at all. It began after Western countries imposed sanctions on Russia over the war in Ukraine. According to many experts, prices will rise even more in the future.

The Ministry of Trade and Services of Bashkortostan is responsible for the supply of cabbage from Kazakhstan. However, it should be noted that, according to Kazakh sources, cabbage has risen in price by 44.7% since the beginning of the year. It is possible that, taking into account the logistics costs for the Bashkortostan consumer, it will become “golden”.

And finally. It turns out that diapers and cabbage are quite related. Recently, the children’s hygiene brand My Kiddo offered Russian customers to learn how to make diapers themselves – in particular, from cabbage leaves and moss. Thus, the company is preparing for import substitution. But now it seems that there is only an option with moss remains.

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