With big numbers on the duped head

With big numbers on the duped head

Midhat Shaghiakhmetov, the head of the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Tatarstan, told the beautiful statistics that only he knows where it was taken from. Allegedly in 4 years, Tatarstan allocated 51 billion rubles to the national projects.

Firstly, this is very little, given that Tatarstan gives from 600 million to 1.2 trillion of his money to Moscow, for which they could  build new Emirates.

Secondly, even if this money was allocated to the national projects from the budget, it clearly did not go for this purpose. Most part. Because the number of everything national in Tatarstan is being only reduced, and the number of factors of the Russian imperial influence is increasing not by years, but by the hours. For example, this year in Tatarstan, financing of the languages conservation program was reduced by 12.5%. Of course, this program is not effective, because it is aimed at preservation, and not for development and progress. It exists only in order to show supposedly the “inefficiency of the revival of everything national.”

If they wanted, they would allocate much more money and reformat the program that is archaic, boring and useless even to those who want to know their native culture. “Where did the money go?” – this question is not to Moscow, not to the Moscow protege at the top and not to his entourage. This is a question to the very population of Tatarstan, that knows very well that they are openly robbed, and by and large they are not even particularly outraged, “Well, they rob and rob – we will survive and gain more.” But it will not be possible neither to survive nor gain more – the long existence of many indigenous peoples in the Russian Federation sharply contradicts the implementation of the imperial plans to strengthen the central government in the colonies.

Shaghiakhmetov listed 19 new schools, several theaters, 60 kindergartens, 9 museums, 48 cultural houses among the achievements. But what is the point for Tatars or other peoples of Tatarstan that the new schools have only the Russian language as official, and all the others are optional and essentially only on paper? What is the point for the population of Tatarstan of the new kindergartens, if childhood is taken from children and they are taught from infancy to be Russian cannon fodder? What is the point of museums and houses of culture, if, even being with a bias in national elements and traditions, they still demonstrate to people primarily a Moscow look at the national language of the colony, its culture and customs, because their work program is supervised from Moscow?

Shaghiakhmetov emphasized primarily the desire to raise the economic level and improve living conditions in the Republic. Although it turns out only to worsen. Gradually, these deteriorations affect the field of culture and language – the worse it becomes, the more it is required to save on them. But did you see that Moscow  saved at least something to impose its language, culture and worldview on all of us? By no means. No matter how hard it is – Moscow never saves on this. Because these are weapons. Language, culture, tradition, beliefs form a system of values on which the path of the whole people depends. If they are absent, then there are no people. What Moscow exactly needs.


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