Will or death

Will or death

The State Duma in a panic haste finally adopted the law on a unified register of servicemen. Apparently, the second wave of mobilization is coming.

“This time the government has prepared itself. It first passed laws by which it will close borders, restrict rights and hunt down all those who do not want to go to Ukraine to die, and then it will announce a mobilization.

In this spring-summer season on the front will take place large military operations, where from the side of Russia will need a lot of cannon meat. Ukrainians are preparing an offensive, racists are preparing to defend themselves.

I’ve spoken to the shoes several times, I’ll say again.

You had time to make passports while you still could. There seems to be no time left.

There are three ways to go: take cannon fodder to the front, go to prison or escape.

If the borders are closed, you can’t run abroad anymore. It’s a very dangerous route to cross the border illegally.

The only countries to which I would advise to flee illegally are Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Georgia, Armenia, Mongolia. The first three are safe, the rest are not good. The rest of you will most likely be betrayed.

There is another option to flee to the deaf aulas, the welfare in Bashkortostan is not a problem with this. Now in the summer season you can dig earthworms, arrange shelters and wait until autumn. Summer will help you.

But a lot could happen over the summer, up to Putin’s defeat in this war.

No one probably no longer doubts that during the war in Ukraine life is very short.

Think carefully about your families, do not listen to propagandists, do not succumb to tricks to take you to war!

Bashcorts, this is not our war!“- said the head of the Committee of the Bashkir National Movement Abroad Ruslan Gabbasov.

But no, the bashkorts. This is your war. Not in Ukraine, but at home, in your native land – as long as you are alive and there are many of you, you can give a serious defense against the empire. If the rabbit is cornered, it attacks the wolf. Does the rabbit have more courage? As long as the main imperial forces are concentrated in Ukraine, it is necessary to pursue from within those that remain in the lands of the empire. Or wait until the war with Ukraine ends and the main part of the imperial forces can switch to “settling” the situation in the national republics?

It’s our chance, which may never be. Crush the empire before its troops can crush the insurgency inside. The Russians won’t be able to fight on two, three or ten fronts. They’ll fall asleep like they did in 1917. Will or death – do you think that’s an empty slogan? Thousands of people fought for this slogan. Not run away. Because we must fight for the freedom of the Motherland. No one’s giving it away for nothing.

Fleeing and hiding en masse is what they would want from all of us. What else would clear Bashkort land for Russians to settle, but a voluntary flight of Bashkort somewhere? In doing so, we will give them the upper hand, because it would actually be voluntary deportation, and they would have wanted to evict us all anyway.

This applies not only to the Bashkort, but to all indigenous peoples (and beyond the Idel Ural as well).

The world is large, but only one homeland. If you do not fight for it, everyone will wipe their feet on you, and your people will cease to exist — simply disappearing among the hundreds of peoples in the countries to which you migrate. What dreams of statehood in such conditions.

Not everyone has the courage to stay and fight. That’s understandable. But at least before you run away, do something nasty for the empire. Don’t just run for nothing if you dare. Do something to ease the struggle for the rest of us. Think about what exactly you can do, and then do at least the smallest thing, but the thing that at least one drop shakes the empire – and then you can run

What’s a shower but not many, many drops? 

If you’re planning to escape anyway, what difference does it make to you what the inside Imperial police think of you? They’re unlikely to follow you abroad. Act.


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