Why did they conquer the Finno-Ugric peoples?

Why did they conquer the Finno-Ugric peoples?

Let’s say the rushists justify the conquest of the Kazan, Astrakhan, Siberian, Crimean and Kasimov khanates by the fact that their eternal enemies were supposedly there, who raided and took the Muscovites into slavery. And the Muscovites came to “punish”.

Suppose, they say that they have attacked Ukraine because there are some fictional Nazis there, the terrible NATO and the most terrible scourge of humanity – LGBT people. Once again the Muscovites came to “punish”.

Why then did they conquer the Mari, Udmurts, Erzyans, Mokshans and others? To “punish” for what exactly? In order to “resist” which empires on the borders? What were the Finno-Ugric people guilty before the occupiers? Until now, the Kremlin has not come up with anything special. Only excuses – supposedly the Tatars walked through these lands from Crimea and Kazan to Moscow. What do the Finno-Ugrians have to do with the Tatar campaigns? That is, the Finno-Ugrians are paying for the imaginary hostility of the Muscovites towards the Tatars, and Belarus is paying for the hostility of the Muscovites towards Ukraine, having now come under occupation by Russian troops with the consent of Lukashenko?

One day, the Third Reich also came to “punish” the USSR for communism, and at the same time captured all the countries around. Probably to annoy the USSR, because if one captures Denmark, it is in order to punish the communists in the Soviet Union.

Whatever version Russia comes up with for the occupation, its occupation power over us will not become any more legitimate.


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