Who will live on our lands after us?

The main population of the republics of the Idel-Ural in 10 years may surprise the current inhabitants, but if no one goes further than surprise, then this will become the reality.

According to prufy.ru, both Bashkortostan and Tatarstan are covered by an invasion of caterpillars. Harmless creatures will devour the entire crop this year and spread to neighboring republics in the next years, and no one has money to fight them – everything goes to war. Yes, it seems a trifle, well, caterpillars, so what? But this is a blow to the economy that will only grow over the years. All this not directly, but necessarily affects the welfare of the population: the growth of market prices, the consequences of the use of chemicals, the reduction in the range of food products, etc. But the authorities are not up to it, they have “mobilization” and “the Special military operation”! There is no money to improve the ecological situation, there is no money to catch poachers. Without all this, birds gradually disappear from the Volga region, which could eat all this creeping manna from heaven.


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