“Who cares which Gulag you are taken to?” The empire aims to make sure you don’t really care

“Who cares which Gulag you are taken to?” The empire aims to make sure you don’t really care

When in the future, already in independent republics, the Muscovites remaining there will tell you that there is no need to change the imperial names of toponyms to the local ones, demolish imperial monuments or remove imperial pseudo-history from textbooks, keep in mind the following images.

The first image shows that the occupation administration in Mariupol is changing Ukrainian street signs to Muscovite ones. This was filmed in early May when the battles for Mariupol were still in full swing, and Azovstal was regularly bombed.

But the Muscovites, who had just captured the city, rushed to install their occupation signs there. And no one was criticizing that there was “no time” for that, or “it would take a lot of budget money”, or whether the language really mattered.

The second image is installation of a monument to Alexander Nevsky, who betrayed his native Novgorod and his people for the sake of Muscovy.

Most of the corpses of the inhabitants of Mariupol have not yet been taken out from under the rubble, there is still no water, no heating, no electricity, no jobs, no medicine in the completely demolished city. However, occupation symbols are being installed and it looks like a mockery of the locals and a way to exert psychological pressure.

Muscovites are persuading all the nations around them that it makes no difference what language to speak, what monuments and to whom to erect and in what country to live. But they themselves do not think so, because there is a difference. And lack of understanding of this difference costs hundreds of thousands of lives and human destinies.

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