Where do they find these?

Where do they find these?

How many new faces appear in Russian politics, although someone says that there is a clampdown on democracy in the country and locally they do not allow young people, alternative politicians, to take power.

And here is E. Gubareva, an assistant (or colleague) of Kherson gauleiter K. Stremousov – the wife of another freak, P. Gubarev … I read that she was arrested by the disseminators for stealing the budget of the liberated (occupied) territories. Entertaining character! Then her husband – P. Gubarev, then K. Stremousov himself, the deceased … They say that either his people shot him, or he slipped on Kherson watermelon peel and hit his head on the corner of the stove … In short, kind of trouble happened to him, he died. After all, they, in my completely unprofessional opinion, are obvious clowns with a trend towards schizophrenia! Look into the eyes of P. Gubarev or listen to the incoherent but thoughtful speeches of K. Stremousov. Average Russians and average Ukrainians don’t look or talk like that. Excuse me, but at public meetings, talking aloud on anal-genital topics, quoting thieves’ songs or reciting crazy poems – this will alert even the “collective farm proletarian”. Note that Stremousov flaunted reading obscene poems on the eve of the surrender of Kherson and the “bunker” moods of Russian command. And in the end he began to complain to the authorities! Where do they find these? And this Gubarev with the round eyes of a moron promissing to kill everyone … Sorry, but you will not meet such faces in every Russian provincial village. Although, if they put Surovikin as commander-in-chief, speaking on TV with the facial expressions of the head of the garrison guardhouse and the diction of a first-generation robot, then there is a clear personnel shortage. Apparently, apart from all the other threats, there was also a real danger looming over Ukrainians to be controlled by morons playing the role of wise statesmen! Can you imagine their (Ukrainians) horror?

Maybe Putin is conducting such experiments on purpose to humiliate people in the territories controlled by the Russian Federation? To prove: I do what I want! And you, slaves, will endure and be silent. I did endured contempt and humiliation in childhood and youth? Endured! And I was silent! And you, for sure, will endure and be silent. Caligula in ancient Rome elevated his horse to the status of a senator – and everyone agreed. Why, then, does Putin not put at the head of the fake “people’s” education a financial piramide worker, a retired thieving warrior from the Soviet Union time or a chicken trader in Ukraine of Yanukovych time? Why not make a former car washer and current polygamist a folk hero?

The inhabitants of Ukraine all blamed Yanukovych! So, compared to Putin’s creatures, he is a wise man, handsome and charming. Compared to Motorola or Caligula’s horse, he was a very handsome and democratic ruler. Well, not everyone can be Marcus Aurelius from the  Gladiator movie or Winston Churchill! These Ukrainians are somehow strange, they do not like either this one, or that one is not suitable. Give them honest, smart and patriotic! And where one can find such among Putin’s people, he does not have them.

There are reliable friends-accomplices from the KGB past – Patrushev, Bortnikov, Naryshkin. There are devoted satraps-sycophants like Minnikhanov and Khabirov, order them to baptize Tatars and Bashkorts – so they will surpass Vladimir the Great himself in zeal. There is a personal executioner-thug, well, this one … well, you know, from the Caucasus who is fat and bearded … There is a personal cook. A very reliable person – if someone there doesn’t put anything to the presidential salad or makes a mistake with the recipe, then he can quickly … with a hammer on the head – and that’s the end! Strict and fair! It’s clear in his kitchen: once you go to work, you can’t go back, you can only be carried  with your feet forward. There are also very rich people who are ready to fork out for not to be pinched, well, some Kovalchuks, Usmanovs. These ones, which are brothers … Ugh, I forgot … Well, people talked about them, either take off the cross, or put on your underpants. Very good partners! There is a personal bodyguard! With a whole guard! Very similar to an oligophrenic in the stage of idiocy, but a devotee! Such a devotee, whatever you say, he will do everything. They keep him just in case, if riots go around the country, so he will not be afraid to shoot with a machine gun at a crowd of pregnant schoolgirls and veterans of the Kulikovo Battle, he will not flinch. A very devoted fool!.. Stop, cross out the last word, don’t read it!

Yes, there are many different convenient people, you can move mountains with them, build a personal kingdom, become a life leader (no matter what title) you can become … But to find an honest one – no. With this, do not meddle with us, we do not keep such people. Moreover, we are especially afraid of such people, and we expect trouble from them. If “honest”, but for the empire – not so bad, we will agree with him. But if there is democracy, self-determination of peoples, then for such people there are only proven methods! So far, through joint strenuous efforts, it has been possible to somehow control the situation. Someone on the bridge …, someone with a noose in an English hotel, someone to sprinkle with imperceptible powder, for someone to organize like he killed himself. So far, pah-pah, everything worked out, everyone is “honest” is registered, and in case … well … proven methods work. And at the extreme, Skabeeva and Solovyov on TV will help, explain to all citizens with civilians that we also have an honest person in our country. The most honest! Our President V.V. Putin. And they don’t need any other honest ones! One cannot be more honest. So let him sit in his position and decide everything for us. Whoever needs to be brought to account, so to speak. Like Katerina Gubareva or Igor Plotnitskiy from the “LPR”. For not to become spoiled. That they know: they were allowed to steal, but not uncontrollably.

And all these searches for candidates, different elections – they are harmful, they are destroying the country. Am I right, comrades? Correctly? If you disagree, stand up please! You see, EVERYONE AGREES WITH EVERYTHING!

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