We will all die happily, capturing everyone around!

We will all die happily, capturing everyone around!

Such a call was made by an under-imperialist from the State Duma.

“If suddenly the military and political situation develops not in our favor, and the battleground expands beyond the borders of Ukraine, for example, to Poland and the Baltic states, then we will have not partial, but a total mobilization. And then no one will look at who has how many children and everything else, we’ll all go. But for now, this issue is not on the agenda. At the moment, partial mobilization has been completed, there will definitely not be its second wave,” said Viktor Sobolev, a member of the State Duma Defense Committee.

Today there are already 120 thousand – but this is not the population of Novocheboksarsk. This is the number of Russian soldiers who died in the imperial war over the past year. And this is not the full year already – until February 24, the figure will increase significantly.

There was no decree to end the mobilization. No matter what anyone says, the mobilization will not be completed until the very end of the existence of the Russian Federation.


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